Armadale Youth
'A Unique Place for Young People'
18A West Main Street
Armadale, EH48 3QA

Our rooms are accessed around the back of Scotmid, above RS McColls. 
For more information please contact: Janet Findlay, Armadale Youth Space Co-ordinator 

Phone: 01501 731321

Email: armadaleyouthspace@live.co.uk

"What Armadale Community Trust needs right now is people. Local residents willing to commit a little time and effort; people who are willing to contribute any skills they have to help Armadale become a better place; people who have ideas about how the town can be improved."  Scott Mackay

On this page:

  • Introduction to Armadale Youth Space and timetable

  • Useful Links

  • Details of Armadale success at Kids for Kids UK Film Festival

  • The Dale Experience (Armadale Youth Issues Day) at Armadale Community Centre, 19 May 2007

  • Review of The Dale Experience 2007

  • Armadale Young People's Questionnaire 2007

Have you got information of interest to young people in Armadale? e-mail Rosie


Armadale Youth Space

Charity No: SCOO1801

'A Unique Space for Young People'




Youth Space Armadale (above RS McColl's shop, accessed round the back of Scotmid) for young people from P4 - P7

Friday After-school Drop-in: 1.30pm - 3.30pm

50p members; 1 non-members

Friday night drop in for young people from S1+

7pm - 9.30pm

Contact Claire Kane 01501 6768893

We are also available for group bookings / one-off session bookings, eg for staff training and development days.  These are subject to a fee this information can be provided when Armadale Youth Space is contacted.



Armadale Youth Space Timetable:



Friday After-school Drop-in: 1.30pm - 3.30pm

50p members; 1 non-members

Friday night drop in for young people from S1+

7pm - 9.30pm








Cover photo of the successful DVD Gangsta's Paradise. 

Congratulations to Stephen Mander and Jamie Cook who represented Armadale at the Kids for Kids UK Film Festival in the city of Durham. The lads had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. They attended screenings and workshops as well as the final night where all the films in competition were screened and the winners announced. Their film Gangsta's Paradise was one of 100 original entries in the 12-16 yr old group and from that large number it came second.
Much praise was given to the film and it came within a whisker of winning the whole competition. The acting was likened to that of 'A young James McAvoy' in raw talent and, overall, it can be described as a brilliant effort, particularly since this was the first film to come out of the group and it was only surpassed by the work of some other young people who had submitted their third film.
Armadale Community Education Association and the West Lothian Youth Action Project are very proud of their involvement in this project and we would like to add our congratulations to the young people who worked so hard on the film. A note of thanks must also go to Strange Boat Productions and Dave Barras who guided the group through the process. Dave is a professional media educator with many years of experience, but I know this one will mean a little bit more to him since he is also an Armadale lad.




The Dale Experience (Armadale Youth Issues Day) at Armadale Community Centre, 19 May 2007

Maria and Clare in front of an informative

West Lothian Youth Action Project stall

Scott (right) being shown the results of

Armadale Young People's Questionnaire

Karen of the Healthy Respect  drop-in clinic, still smiling

after a busy 4 hours

Claire telling Rosie more about the Armadale Questionnaire

Paul spreading the word about The Armadale Waste Wise Project

James sorting his information packs

Elaine (right) in front of designs for the Armadale Community Trust logo and clouds of suggestions for youth facilities



The photos at the top of the page show a few of the individuals that young people met when they visited the exhibition of work by Armadale Academy's Youth Issues Group at Armadale Community Centre on Saturday 19 May.

We visited at the start of the day when Claire and Scott were busy with last-minute arrangements. When we returned towards the end of the day, there was still plenty of activity.  Football and snooker were planned, but the bungee run proved to be very popular.

One hall was filled with stalls manned by people well-equipped to show young people what services and opportunities are available to them.

Freebies were popular (as usual!) and Paul was kept busy showing products made from recycled materials.

Also, Karen, James, Elaine, Maria and Clare were all kept on their toes by the many young people that visited during the afternoon.

Upstairs, boys and girls enjoyed the Pamper Room where Katie provided hand massage while Ashley styled hair and Gillian created beautiful nails.

Walls in the Community Centre were covered with information, particularly the results of the Armadale Young People's Questionnaire, conducted by ten pupils from Armadale Academy's Youth Issues Group.  300 young people responded in the survey and a summary of their findings is given below.

We have been told that nearly 200 people visited the Dale Experience.



The Background

300 young people took part in the questionnaire which was carried out within the Academy with volunteers from the school.

The questionnaire aimed to find out what the issues were for young people in Armadale and the hopes they had for the town.

The findings from the questionnaire highlight areas for action which need young people to be involved in to actively challenge these issues.

Main Themes

  • Young people recognise that some other young people do cause problems in Armadale.

  • Negative views of young people are exaggerated.

  • Young people have a right to hang about the streets.

  • There is a lack of facilities and activities for them.

"...the gangs are a problem, they get drunk, damage property and cause violence."

"Older people drink and fight as well, but elders excuse them and their behaviour."

Areas for Action

  • Improve activities for young people

- More clubs

- Discos / nightclubs

- More events / after-school activities / fun things

  • Better amenities in town (i.e. shops, facilities, etc)

  • Improve condition of parks for young people

  • Somewhere for young people to congregate

- Indoors - building or space

- Outdoors, i.e. a teen shelter

  • Community safety

- Improve young people's behaviour e.g. graffiti, violence

- More police / better police service

- More surveillance / security

- Legal / political solutions i.e. stop getting moved along the street

- Stop access to alcohol and smoking

"We hang about the streets because there is nowhere else to go."

"There is a lack of local activities and places to go at night, especially for people aged 13 - 17."

"I have experienced the intimidation by neds hanging up the street."

"Adults group all young people as being antisocial and disruptive.  They call the police to move us all the time when we are causing no trouble."

"Some people do cause a lot of trouble but some just want to hang around with friends."


We acknowledge the hard work of the ten Armadale Academy Pupils who were involved in this project, and we would like to name four in particular who presented  the group's findings to class representatives as well as to local community groups:

Johnathan Cox (S6)

Murray Armstrong (S3)

Darren Jones (S2)

Gary Bowman (S2)