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On a visit to our local Armadale library early in 2009, I collected a list# of Scottish novelists' names. The sheet asked the question: 'How many of these Scottish novelists will you read this year?'  

Now that the deadline for voting has passed, I have added other writers (in capitals). Who would you add?

# West Lothian libraries took part in the celebrations for Homecoming Scotland, which started in January 2009 on the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns. 2009 also marked the 150th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose birthday is on 22 May. From that day onwards, members of the public were able to cast a vote for their favourite Scottish author. Voting ended on 31 October. The top 20 Scottish authors were announced on St Andrew’s Day and the winning Scottish author as voted by the public received West Lothian Libraries’ Scot Scriever Award.  The winner?  Ian Rankin!

AUTHORS Website links where available
Gilbert Adair b1944 Gilbert Adair
Lin Anderson Lin Anderson
Louise Anderson b1966 Louise Anderson
Malcolm Archibald Malcolm Archibald
Iain Banks b1954 Iain Banks /Iain M Banks, (2)
Ray Banks Ray Banks
M C Beaton b1936 M C Beaton aka Marion McChesney,
Sarah Chester, Helen Crampton, Ann Fairfax, Marion Gibbons, Jennie Tremaine and Charlotte Ward.
Tony Black Tony Black
Emma Blair (Iain Blair) Emma Blair
Christopher Brookmyre Christopher Brookmyre
Nick Brooks Nick Brooks
George Mackay Brown (1921 - 1996) George Mackay Brown, (2)
GEORGE BRUCE (1902 - 2002) George Bruce
John Buchan (1875 - 1940) John Buchan
John Burnside b1955 John Burnside, (2)
Ron Butlin Ron Butlin
Karen Campbell b1967 Karen Campbell
Michael Cannon b1958 Michael Cannon
Marion Chesney see MC Beaton
Jenny Colgan Jenny Colgan
Sophie Cooke Sophie Cooke
Maggie Craig Maggie Craig
A J Cronin (1896 - 1981) A J Cronin
Andrew Crumey b1961 Andrew Crumey
Charles Cumming b1971 Charles Cumming
Margaret Thomson Davis Margaret Thomson Davis
Isla Dewar b1951 Isla Dewar
Anne Donovan Anne Donovan
Anne Douglas Anne Douglas

Can anyone suggest a useful website for this author?

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930) Arthur Conan Doyle
DOUGLAS DUNN b1942 Douglas Dunn
Dorothy Dunnett b 1942 Dorothy Dunnett(2)
Margaret Elphinstone Margaret Elphinstone
MICHAEL FABER b1960 Michael Faber
Christine Marion Fraser Christine Marion Fraser
George MacDonald Fraser (1925 - 2008) George MacDonald Fraser
Gillian Galbraith Gillian Galbraith
Iain Gale b1959 Iain Gale
Janice Galloway b1956 Janice Galloway, (2)
ROBERT GARIOCH (1909 - 1981) Robert Garioch
Lewis Grassic Gibbon (1901 - 1935) Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Alasdair Gray b1934 Alasdair Gray, (2)
Alex Gray Alex Gray; (2)
Andrew Greig b1951 Andrew Greig, (2)
Neil M Gunn (1891 - 1973) Neil M Gunn
Allan Guthrie Allan Guthrie
Gerald Hammond b1926 Gerald Hammond aka Arthur Douglas, Dalby Holden
Jane Harris b1961 Jane Harris
GEORGE CAMPBELL HAY (1915 - 1984) George Campbell Hay
HAMISH HENDERSON (1919 - 2002) Hamish Henderson
Meg Henderson b1948 Meg Henderson
Archie Hind (1928 - 2008) Archie Hind
LAURA HIRD b1966 Laura Hird
KATHLEEN JAMIE b1962 Kathleen Jamie
Quintin Jardine Quintin Jardine
Robin Jenkins b1912 Robin Jenkins
Paul Johnston b1957 Paul Johnston
Morag Joss Morag Joss
Jackie Kay b1961 Jackie Kay ; (2)
James Kelman b1946 James Kelman ; (2)
A L Kennedy b1962 A L Kennedy, (2)
Peter Kerr Peter Kerr
Philip Kerr b1956 Philip Kerr aka P B Kerr
JESSIE KESSON (1916 - 1994) Jessie Kesson
Maggie Kingsley Maggie Kingsley
Alanna Knight Alanna Knight
Bill Knox (1928 - 1999) Bill Knox aka Michael Kirk, Robert MacLeod and Noah Webster
TOM LEONARD b1944 Tom Leonard
Douglas Lindsay b1964 Douglas Lindsay ; (2)
Frederic Lindsay Frederic Lindsay ; (2)
JOAN LINGARD b1932 Joan Lingard
LIZ LOCHHEAD b1947 Liz Lochhead
Lesley Lokko Lesley Lokko
Stuart MacBride Stuart MacBride
NORMAN MACCAIG (1910 - 1996) Norman MacCaig
Catriona McCloud aka Catriona McPherson
Ken McClure Ken McClure
Val McDermid Val McDermid
HUGH MACDIARMID (1892 - 1978) Hugh MacDiarmid
John McGill John McGill
Jill MacGown Jill MacGown aka Elizabeth Chaplin
William McIlnanney b1936 William McIlnanney, (2)
Pat McIntosh Pat McIntosh
SHENA MACKAY b1944 Shena Mackay
Bernard MacLaverty b1942 Bernard MacLaverty
Alistair MacLean (1922 - 1987) Alistair MacLean
Charles Maclean Charles Maclean
SORLEY MACLEAN (1911 - 1996) Sorley Maclean
Russel D McLean Russel D McLean, (2)
Shona MacLean Shona MacLean
Ken MacLeod Ken MacLeod
Catriona McPherson b1965 Catriona McPherson aka Catriona McCloud
Barry Maitland Barry Maitland
Sara Maitland b1950 Sara Maitland
Peter May Peter May
James Meek b1962 James Meek
Martin Millar Martin Millar
Denise Mina Denise Mina
Naomi Mitchison (1897 - 1999) Naomi Mitchison, (2)
EDWIN MORGAN b1920 Edwin Morgan
Bill Napier b1940 Bill Napier
Will Napier b1974 Will Napier
Ruaridh Nicoll Ruaridh Nicoll
Andrew O'Hagan b1968 Andrew O'Hagan
Janet Paisley b1948 Janet Paisley, (2)
I J Parnham I J Parnham
AILEEN PATERSON b1934 Aileen Paterson
Eliot Pattison Eliot Pattison
Stef Penney Stef Penney
Robin Pilcher b1950 Robin Pilcher
Alexandra Raife Alexandra Raife reviews

Can anyone suggest a useful website for this author?

Caro Ramsay Caro Ramsay
Eileen Ramsay Eileen Ramsay
Ian Rankin b1960 Ian Rankin, (2)
Carmen Reid Carmen Reid
James Robertson b1958 James Robertson
Brian Ruckley Brian Ruckley
Christopher Rush b1944 Christopher Rush
Craig Russell Craig Russell
Manda Scott Manda Scott
Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832) Sir Walter Scott
Ali Smith b1962 Ali Smith, (2)
Anna Smith Anna Smith
Alexander McCall Smith Alexander McCall Smith
SYDNEY GOODSIR SMITH (1915 - 1975) Sydney Goodsir Smith
Tobias George Smollett (1721 - 1771) Tobias George Smollett
Muriel Spark (1918 - 2006) Muriel Spark
Alan Spence b1947 Alan Spence(2)
D E Stevenson (1892 - 1973) D E Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894) Robert Louis Stevenson
Jessica Stirling Jessica Stirling
Zoe Strachan Zoe Strachan
Charles Stross b1864 Charles Stross
Reay Tannahill Reay Tannahill
Aline Templeton Aline Templeton
Josephine Tey (1896 - 1952) Josephine Tey
Elizabeth Thornton Elizabeth Thornton
Nigel Tranter (1909 - 2000) Nigel Tranter, (2)
Alexander Trocchi b1925 Alexander Trocchi
Sue Walker Sue Walker
Alan Warner b1964 Alan Warner
Irvine Welsh b1958 Irvine Welsh(2)
Louise Welsh Louise Welsh
Jack Whyte Jack Whyte
David Wishart David Wishart

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