Old Postcards of Armadale

Updated 22 February 2009

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These 12 postcards came home to Armadale from Ohio in the USA

Originally published by Geo. F. Colquhon*, The Cross, Armadale.

The publisher trained as a barber, but, after losing a leg during the First World War, he opened a newsagent's and tobacconist's shop in East Main Street, Armadale.  He called it the wee shop with the big stock.  His speciality was a pipe tobacco, which he made up, called The Dale Smoking Mixture

He hired a professional photographer to photograph his shop.  He can be seen below in some cards where he appears riding his motor cycle and side car, accompanied by his collie dog who was his constant companion.


The cards feature:








Postcard, dated Thurs. April 22 1945, cost 4d., not stamped, addressed or signed,
looking up along South Street from Armadale crossroads.
Note the Regal Cinema on the left.
'Passed thru here just after I passed Linlithgow en route to Glasgow.
Drove along this st. turning right.'


Here's another postcard, this time from Southampton!

The postcard shows Tippethill Hospital

We think the addressee is Esther Gathercole, bc1881, who was living with her father, Joseph, a farmer, at Church Farm, Holm Hale, Thetford, in 1901

We wonder why this particular postcard was sent with greetings from Camberwell in August, 1908.  Does anyone know?


Our thanks go to Jim Gibson for another postcard.

The postcard's sender lived at 108 West Graham Street, Glasgow, and the addressee was Miss Criss W Campell at 39 Smith Street (3 up), Hillhead, Glasgow.

Jim told us that, although there is no date on the postmark, judging by the stamp it is between 1902 - 1911.  It has pictures of

The postcard's sender commented:

We went to this dead-alive little conglomeration of all the odds and ends of houses of sorts on Saturday and asked for some pp.c.s of the dear little place- "I'm awfu' sorry Sir we huvna gotten ony --. Whit wis it ye wir efter wantin. Na we hivne gotten ony - no the noo ony wey"


Old postcard with the Star Inn on the left