Peter (Lee) Kites

Kuiwen Guangwen


On the 7th September 2013, I ordered and paid for 100 kites from kite manufacturer Peter Lee for our children's charity scheme here in Scotland.

These kites were to be identical to the 9ft Mylar Delta kites that they informed me they supply to Emma Kites (Emma Kites had stopped selling these kites to the UK).

Immediately before delivery, the manufactures asked for an extra $315US towards what I had already paid for delivery.

I declined to pay and said that I would be happy to cancel the order and they could refund the money, but they said that they would send the order.

When the kites arrived on the 11th October, there were only 40 in the pack. They were not the same as those sold by Emma Kites and also weighed almost twice as much, 0.59kg instead of 0.34kg.

Peter Lee Kites have not explained why they have not supplied the 100 kites, or why they are not like those that they say they supply to Emma Kites. When I complained that the kites were not as ordered, I received the simple reply, that they fly well and I should not worry about it.

Dr John Wells

The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS) for Children and Students

West Lothian Archaeological Trust (Scottish Charity No. SCO43118)

1st January 2014