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Updated 15 July 2009

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First site visit 3 December 2008


Pentax Optio W60, sports and interval mode, pole aerial photograph

Muckraw Farm and 'ancient' hunting lodge.

The lodge was originally a building measuring 60' x 18', divided into 3 apartments, which provided accommodation for royal and noble individuals who enjoyed hunting deer and boar. (Primary source confirmation being sought).

Date: 23 Feb 1590/1591  Repository: National Archives of Scotland  Ref No: GD18/525     Title: Contract between Mr. John Nicolson, advocate, and Mungo Tennent of Muckraw, whereby said Mungo binds himself to infeft said John in eight tenth parts of a fourth part of lands of Lesuaid, three parts of another fourth part, and the 40s. lands of Lesuaid, reserving to said Mungo his life rent of said lands.      

Date: 24 Feb 1590/1591 Repository: National Archives of Scotland  Ref No: GD18/526  Title: Procuratory of Resignation by Mungo Tennent of Muckraw, of lands of Muckraw and lands in GD18/525. 

Date: 9 Nov 1613 Repository: National Library of Scotland Ref No: GD1/117/1   
Title: Charter by Alexander, Lord Linlithgow in favour of John Tennend in Wester Dalquharne of the east pendicle of the lands of Muckraw called North Lugiebray presently occupied by James Auld, in barony of Egilsait, regality of Holyroodhouse and sheriffdom of Linlithgow.

Date: 23 June 1670  Repository: National Archives of Scotland  Ref No:GD332/9   Title: Precept of clare constat by George Lord Ross of Halkheid and Melvill, as superior, directed to Walter Scott of St. Leonards, as bailie, for infefting Robert Arthur, portioner of Ballcastell, grandson (nepos) of deceased Agnes Tailzeour, spouse of deceased Robert Arthur of Balcastell, and sister-lawful of deceased John Tailzeour, granduncle of said Arthur, and John Marshall, eldest lawful son of John M., in Blairmucks, procreated betwixt his and deceased Elizabeth Neilsone, only lawful daughter of deceased John Neilsone, in Muckraw, precreated betwixt him and deceased Katherine Tailzeour, also lawful sister of said deceased John Tailzeour, granduncle of said John Marshall, as two of the heirs-portioners in two parts of the three parts of the one-fourth part of half of the eighth part of the £10 lands of Morowingsyd [Muiravonside] called Coxhill. Written by John Grahame, servitor to Mr Andrew Ker, clerk of Linlithgow; dated at Edinburgh 23 June, 1670; witnesses said Mr Andrew Ker, and John Dick, in Midlequarter.    

[July 2009: Graham Marshall has queried the entry above, which is faithful to the NAS entry:

Line 4: should “granduncle of said Arthur and John Marshall” be “granduncle of said Robert Arthur and John Marshall” ?

Line 5: should “procreat betwixt  his” be “procreat betwixt him”?

If you can answer this enquiry, please e-mail Rosie ]

Repository: National Archives of Scotland  Ref No: RHP6267       Title: Ordnance Survey 1/2500 plan (Linlithgowshire, IV.16), marked to show the farm of Muckraw.            c 1890

(Mukrath 1386 et passim Bann Cl 70; Mukrach 1409 Reg Ho Ch; Muckraw 1559 SRS 57 - 1688 SRS 40; (The) Muckraw c1540 Rent Tor - 1644 Cat Tor; Mukra 1626 RMS; Muckrae 1675 KS Tor; Mockra 1643 RMS;=Pig Farm


Pentax Optio W60, sports and interval mode, pole aerial photograph