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Castro de Viladonga an Iron Age hillfort in Lugo (Galicia, Spain)

Kite aerial photograph. Canon A570IS, home-made rig, Sutton FF16 kite. 

© Vicente Piorno

All images on this page are reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright holders.


Kite Aerial Photographers of Scotland

........and elsewhere

Simon Harbord Aberdeenshire

© Simon Harbord


John Wells Lothian

CC-BY West Lothian Archaeology

James Gentles (1 2) Lothian

James Gentles © 2003

Jim Knowles Lothian

© Jim Knowles

Kieran Baxter Angus

© Kieran Baxter

Susie  Green London

© Susie Green

David Stott Yorkshire

CC-BY Archaeobobalist



Brian Wilkinson Lothian



Alan Hunter Blair Lothian

© Alan Hunter Blair

David Connolly Lothian

Ron Dingwall Lothian

© Ron Dingwall

Hamish Fenton Oxfordshire

© 2009 Hamish Fenton

Kevin Barton  Co Mayo

© Kevin Barton

Séamus Ó Murchú Dublin

© Séamus Ó Murchú

Heidi Walker Gloucestershire

© Heidi Walker

Mary K. Saunders Bradford

© Mary K. Saunders

Mark Houshold Durham

© Mark Houshold

Hugo Anderson-Whymark Orkney

© 2013 Hugo Anderson-Whymark

Alison Sheridan Lothian
Christy Lawless Co Mayo

© Christy Lawless

Bill Kerr West Lothian

also of the Kite Club of Scotland

Frank Scott  Roscommon

© Frabnk Scott

Giles Carey  Shropshire

© Giles Carey

Stefan Sagrott Lothian

© Stefan Sagrott

Garey Dempsey Co Mayo

© Garey Dempsey

  Tina Keating Waterford




Other KAP in Scotland

(1) Orkney

© Craig Taylor

Robert Insall Strathblane

© Robert Insall

Elaine & Grant Golding  (Bill Fernie Caithness) 

© Elaine & Grant Golding

Pullyhour, Caithness

© Nigel Healey  

Kenny Muir Dumfries and Galloway

© Kenny Muir

Jeff Worrall Isle of Bute (former KAPer)

© Jeff Worrall

Patrick and Marilyn Derbyshire

© Patrick and Marilyn

Michael Smith Angus

 © Michael Smith

Ben Gourley Yorkshire

See below

© Ben Gourley

Bob Smith Lothian

© R K Smith

John Wombell Strathpeffer, Ross-shire

Demonstrating KAP to members of two Young Archaeologists Clubs © John Wombell.

Aaron Sneddon

© AerialScotland

Petros Shetland

© Petros

Fetlar Aerial

Adam Stanford

© Aerial-Cam


Óskar G Sveinbjarnarson


Scott Haefner  USA

© Scott Haefner

Any others?

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Pierre Lesage (1 2 3) Tahiti

© Pierre Lesage

© Allison Ranford Collection

Extreme KAPing on Spitsbergen

Susie and Dougal  from Scotland

© Allison Ranford Collection

© Allison Ranford Collection


flickr (other platforms): Scotland from the air and James Bone's aerial archaeology of Scotland

The National Collection of Aerial Photography


KAPers and PAPers With an Interest in Archaeology

(based in England, Ireland or Wales)


Hamish Fenton (2) Oxfordshire

© 2009 Hamish Fenton

Thorsten Kahlert  (2) Sligo, Ireland

© Thorsten Kahlert

David Mitchell South Devon

© David Mitchell

 Peter Neville (2) Cheshire

© Peter Neville

Martin Roe (2) Yorkshire

© Martin Roe

 Bill Blake (2) Cambridge

© Bill Blake

Len in Kent

© Len in Kent

Barry T Carpenter W. Midlands

© Barry T Carpenter

Sue Storey Yorkshire

© Sue Storey

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KAPers and PAPers outside the UK


Charles C. Benton USA

UC Berkeley Campus.

© Charles C. Benton


Katsutaka Murooka Japan



Japan KAP Association



Masami Takakuwa Japan


Hans Elbers The Netherlands


  Chen China

© Chen


flickr KAP / Archaeology


flickr KAP Showcase (slide show)  Gordon Petrie's KAP links
  Facebook KAP  

© Charles C. Benton

PAPers on flickr


Archaeological and Other Uses of Kites

Incorporating much of the original list kindly provided to us by Peter Bults (KAPshop)

See also Wikipedia - Kites

Archaeologists - do you have a  kite aerial photo of an archaeological site or historic building?

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Sir Henry Wellcome

© Wellcome Library, London.

Kite aerial photograph taken with the 'kite camera', at Segadi, Jebel Moya, Sudan. 1913

Published with the permission of the Wellcome Library.

Arthur Batut

La photographie aérienne par cerf-volant

(Published 1890 Paris)


R. Thiele


George Lawrence (2)

1906 San Francisco

Click on image for larger version.  Wiki Commons.

Samuel Franklin Cody

© IWM (RAE-O 518)   1908

E. Douglas Archibald

The Story of the Earth's Atmosphere

 (Published 1897 page 186)


French KAP Unit WW1 video


Ronny Weβling

Burgenland - Austria

Sandur - Faroe Islands

©  Ronny Weβling

Detection of Archaeological Residues using remote sensing Techniques

The DART Project

  CC-BY Archaeobobalist

Kite aerial photo: Monthly survey in progress on the clay site in Cambridgeshire.

Hugo Anderson-Whymark

Ness of Brodgar

Ness of Brodgar

Ness of Brodgar

Skara Brae and Skaill House taken from Skaill Bay

© 2013 Hugo Anderson-Whymark

Adam Stanford

Burrough on the Hill, Leicestershire.

Ness of Brodgar

Vindolanda, Northumberland.

© Aerial-Cam

Susie  Green

© Susie Green

Edinshall Broch, Berwickshire.

Óskar G Sveinbjarnarson

© Óskar G Sveinbjarnarson

There are numerous links on the net to Oskar's archaeological KAP. Here is a the Rhynie Environs Archaeological Project in Aberdeenshire.

Alan Hunter Blair

Temple Wood at Kilmartin, Argyll.

© Alan Hunter Blair

Arni Geirsson

Skriðuklaustur in NE Iceland.  Excavation

Urriðakot, Iceland.  Excavation

© Arni Geirsson

Joanna Balcerzak and Michal Pisz

© Arc-Photo

Piotr Mądry and Ania

Wdziszewo (N52.02'26'' E16.34'41'') the old settlement of Lusatian.

© Blue Kite Team


Sonnenobservatorium Goseck.

© Ralf Beutnagel

Mark Houshold, Archaeology Department, Durham University.

The Bell, College Valley, Northumberland NT 90188 28829.  © Mark Houshold

Taken with an Olympus Tough 12 from a Sutton FF16 Kite (AuRiCo Brookes Frame).

Ben Gourley, Formerly of the Department of Archaeology, University of York.

Westray, Orkney  © Ben Gourley

Burdale, Yorkshire.   © Ben Gourley

Stymphalos, Corinthia.  

© Ben Gourley

François Levalet

Wood fish trap "La Maillard". 

© François Levalet


An Archaeologist Uses Kite Aerial Photography

Detail from the montage of Pillistay in the Camaná valley of the far south coast of Peru, which gives an idea of the high resolution possible. This quality of stone-by-stone recording of a large archaeological site would be
difficult and expensive to achieve without KAP.

© 2006, Bruce Owen

Stefan Biermeier & Axel Kowalski

Early Medieval Graves.

© Singularch

Miron Bogacki


John Schoenfelder

Stóra Seyla, Iceland.

© John Schoenfelder

Du Ciel: Thomas Sagory

Shibam, Yemen.

© Thomas Sagory

Oxyrhynchos - El-Bahnasa, Egypt.

© Thomas Sagory


Bill Isenberger: Digital Mapping


KAP at Al Baleed Archaeological Park in Salalah, Oman.

© Bill Isenberger

See also 3D Kite Aerial Photography

CC-BY  West Lothian Archaeology


Mark Willis  Kite Aerial Photogrammetry

Madera Quemada KAP.

© Mark Willis


Christian Credner  KAP and Archaeology

KAP GeoArt and Achaeology in Gesotz in the Eifel.

©  Christian Credner


Jochen Reinhard (2)

Tulul adh-Dhahab.

© Jochen Reinhard

Selinunte Temple, Sicily.

CC-BY Jochen Reinhard

Normandy WWII

© Emmanuel

La Photographie Sous Cerf-Volant
Kite Aerial Photography in Poland


see also

© Eyeflight

Flickr (Forts from a kite's view)
Autumn Colors of Estonian Peat Bogs
KAP in Denmark

Nathan Craig

Three image KAP panorama of the shell midden at Choque Ispana, El Paraiso, Huacho, Peru.

Image assembled with Microsoft ICE. 

© Nathan Craig

Eric Kieboom

© Eric Kieboom

The Campanile Movie image-based modeling and rendering techniques (1997)    See also here


Thermal / near infra-red and ultra-violet KAP

See also Photographic Techniques

St. Ninian's Chapel, Bute. Inverted, near infra-red KAP.

CC-BY  West Lothian Archaeology (images in print)

CC-BY  West Lothian Archaeology

Kite aerial thermogram of Cairnpapple

Composite near infra-red KAP shot of Rubha Aird a' Mhuile Kelping Bothies, Uist.

© Jim Knowles  West Lothian Archaeology Group

CC-BY  West Lothian Archaeology

Kite aerial near ultra-violet image. Brickworks after demolition.


Kite aerial thermogram of a soybean crop by Larry C. Purcell

© Larry C Purcell

Illustrating variation in irrigation.


Geert Verhoeven

Comparison between a visible frame (A), unprocessed RAW UV image (B) and enhanced UV photograph (C) of an excavation area. The large dark blob in the upper right corner of (B) and (C) is the shadow cast by the Helikite.

© G. Verhoeven

Comparison between a visible record of a crop mark (left) and its rendering by NUV wavelengths (right). 

© G. Verhoeven         

Journal of Archaeological Science Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages 833-845.

See also

The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) is a community which develops and applies open-source tools to environmental exploration and investigation.

Fanny and Anthony


© Fanny et Anthony

San Andreas Fault at Wallace Creek

Flickr (Aerial Archaeology)

Roman Furnace - Archaeological Excavations Directed by Università di Siena (2 3).

 and Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali 

© Opaxir

Prairie Burning

© J.S. and S.W. Aber (2001)


Overview of Accidents and Emergency Exercises.

©2008 Harald Prinzler

All images on this page are reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright holders




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