History of Armadale Association

Updated 12 April 2011

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Chairman: Ron Dingwall      HAAchairmanarmadale.org.uk

Secretary: Betty Hunter


In celebration of Scottish Archaeology Month, The History of Armadale Association was pleased to host an interesting lecture on Scottish Weaponry from 1100 to 1746 given by Dr David Caldwell, Interim Keeper of Archaeology at National Museums Scotland. The photo shows a lively moment during the talk on Wednesday 28th September, in the Museum Room of Armadale Community Centre & Library.


 produced by The History of Armadale Association

Indexing of the Association's publications is in progress.  Each index will be accessible online from this page once the project is completed. 

Video: A Daunder Round Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association, is a video produced in the hope that it will stimulate interest among walkers and other community groups, in some of the historic countryside walks around our town. 1999  Copies still available!

Audio tape: A Crack wi Geordie Bryce (currently being transcribed)

  1. Picturing the Past 7, is now on sale in Wool Shop, Post 
    Office, Rings & Things and Gents' Barber in West Main Street. 4 each.

  2. Armadale in Minutes, A Chronological History by Robert Kerr, 2008, HAA  For Robert Kerr's research and publications see the Publications page       price 5 (+ postage and packing for those outside Armadale). A dust-jacketed hardback of 219 pages with 56 photos/illustrations and 3 maps.  Some of the surnames included in the book's text: Addie, Aitken, Anderson, Archer, Arthur, Baillie, Baird, Ballantyne, Bamburgh, Barnard, Baxter, Bell, Beveridge, Binning, Bishop, Black, Borza, Boyd, Brock, Brown, Bryce, Bryden, Byers, Caesar, Cairns, Calder, Calderhead, Cameron, Campbell, Carr, Chalmers, Cherry, Clark, Clarkson, Cochran, Cochrane, Collie, Conner, Corsie, Cowan, Craig, Crawford, Cunningham, Currie, Cuthbart, Dalling, Daves, Davidson, Davie, Davis, Dennistoun, Donald, Donaldson, Donnelly, Douglas, Druce, Drummond, Drysdale, Duncan, Easton, Edwards, Elder, Farquhar, Ferrier, Finlay, Finnlay, Fleming, Forrester, Forsyth, Frew, Gall, Gardner, Gartshore, Geddes, Gentleman, Gibb, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gillespie, Gillon, Gilmar, Gordon, Gorman, Gowans, Graham, Gray, Gregor, Greig, Grey, Hailstones, Hall, Hamilton, Harrower, Harvie, Hickman, Honeyman, Hope, Howatt, Hunter, Hynd-Brown, Inglis, Kelly, Kerr, Kirk, Lawson, Learmonth, Lees, Leggat, Leishman, Liddell, Longmuir, Love, MacAdam, MacDonald, MacDougal, Mackay, MacLachlan, MacLellan, Mallace, Marcella, Marr, Marshall, Matheson, Maxwell, McDonald, McDougal, McDowall, McGarrie, McGowan, McGregor, McHardy, McIntosh, McKinnon, McLachlan, McMillan, McNab, McNair, McNicol, McPhail, Millar, Miller, Milne, Moffat, More, Morrison, Muir, Newton, O'Donnell, Parker, Paterson, Pollock, Prentice, Quin, Ramsay, Ranken, Rankin, Readman, Reid, Rennie, Roberts, Robertson, Rodger, Rodgers, Rosebery, Russell, Sharp, Shaw, Shearer, Sibbald, Sim, Simpson, Sinclair, Smith, Snedden, Sneddon,  Steel, Stevenson, Stewart, Swan, Syson, Teape, Temple, Tennant, Thomson, Turner, Walker, Wark, Watson, Waugh, Wetherspoune, White, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wylie, Wyper, Young.

  3. Armadale 200, 1797 - 1997, Celebrating 200 years of settlement in Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association: X0000 19183

  4. Picturing The Past, A photographic look at old Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association,  November 2002, printed by The Print Consultancy, Edinburgh: X 000 020877 (Features: Armadale; Churches; Football; Gala Days; History; Photographs; Schools; Youth Groups; includes photograph of Mons Meg at Armadale Foundry in 1980)

  5. Picturing The Past, vol 2, A photographic look at old Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association, 1st edition November 2002, printed by The Print Consultancy, Edinburgh: X00002 1082 (Features: Armadale; Church; Gala days; History; Leisure; People; Photographs; Schools; Working Places)

  6. Picturing The Past, vol 3, A photographic look at old Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association, 1st edition June 2005, printed by The Print Consultancy, Edinburgh: X000021494 (Features: Armadale; Band; Clubs; Foundry; Gala Days; History; Photographs; Societies; People; Workers)

  7. Picturing The Past, vol 4, A photographic look at old Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association, 1st edition November 2006, printed by The Print Consultancy, Edinburgh (Features: Buildings and Locations around Armadale; Gala Days; Sport and Leisure; Working Places)   Price: 3 (+ postage and packing for those outside Armadale) INDEX 4

  8. Picturing The Past, vol 5, A photographic look at old Armadale, produced by The History of Armadale Association, available from the Library, the Wool Shop and the Post Office, 3  (+ postage and packing for those outside Armadale) INDEX 5  Below: Station Road, Armadale, 1907: the front cover photograph of Picturing the Past - Volume 4, A photographic look at old Armadale

  9. Picturing The Past, vol 6, A photographic look at old Armadale,  produced by The History of Armadale Association, 1st edition November 2008, printed by The Print Consultancy, Edinburgh

  10. Tales Fae The 'Dale 'Easy Pleased', Recollections of Childhood in Armadale, produced by Armadale Local History Group,1989: 09514941 04

  11. Mair Tales  Fae The 'Dale, 2,  Schooldays and Holidays, Further Recollections of Childhood in Armadale, produced by History of Armadale Association, 1990: 0 9514941 1 2 (Features: Armadale; Children; Recreation; Schools)

  12. Your Magazine, 1993, History of Armadale Association: X000 017603 (Features: Quiz; Gala Days 1920s style - photo and advertisement; 1927 Armadale Children's Day details; Armadale - a brief history; Armadale Glen - poem by Mrs Murgatroyd; Evacuees; The Big Store: Hats, curtains and the bus to Westrigg; Boots and shoes; Behind the cash-desk.  What War Meant to Me; Half a Century of Gala Daying with the Armadale Band; Barbauchlaw Mill.)

  13. Your Magazine, Industry in Armadale, 1993, History of Armadale Association: X000 017725 (Features: Mayfield Hosiery; The Wee Foundry; Pattern Making; Steel Moulders and White Moleskins; Atlas Cricket Club Photo; Song of the Moulder by Alex Russell; A Brief History of the Atlas Steel Foundry; United Fireclay Products Ltd; Sam's Story; The Hosiery; Snippets Fae the Barber's Shop; A Chapter's Close; 'Shooglie Building' photo; A Chapter's Close - poem by Davie Kerr; Bandstand photo; James M. Watt JP photo.)

  14. Your Magazine,  Tap o' the Toun, Autumn 1994, History of Armadale Association: X000018396 (Features: The Model Lodging House, South Street; The Atlas Nae Mair; Street Lighting comes to Cappers; The Edinburgh to Glasgow Railway; The Railway Cottages; Mrs. McNamee's memories: Women in Industry; Workin' for the Toffs. The Shepherd Stanes; Agnes's Armadale; Dedicated Teachers; Hammering in the Clugs; Free Passes; The Three Lochs; Feed the Budgie; Good Neighbours.)

  15. Your Magazine, Fond Memories, Issue 4, June 1995, History of Armadale Association: X000018079 (Features: Shops and Shopkeepers; Short Back and Sides; Poem: Dr. Anderson; Doctor Willie; Burgh Workers; Smiddys; Delivering the milk; The Pictures and Live Shows; Singers and Dancers; On the buses; I remember by Jim Gardner; Photo - West Church Boys Club early 1930s; Tap of the Toun - A Review; 1st Armadale Scout Pipe Band photo; A Letter Home - John MacClure; Photo of Dr. William Anderson.)    INDEX

  16. Your Magazine, Woodend and Roundabout, Issue 5, December 1995, History of Armadale Association: X0000 18080 (Features: Woodend Schooldays; Woodend and Roundabout; Bonnie Birkenshaw poem by James Ballantyne; Dancin' Days; Atlas Shop-Floor Personalities; The Bridgecastle Railway + map; Guid Fitba Players; Armadale Thistle 1939 - 1940; No much money about but plenty ti dae: School days; Message laddie; Hallowe'en; Guising; Over the Moss; Doun The Glen;  The bore dam-heid; The Sprays; Binnie's Pond; Gaitherin' fruit; Playing in the public park; Saturday matinee.   Gemmes the laddies played in the 1910s, 20s and 30s.  Photo of the Mill; Chronological History of Woodend Research from Census 1851/61 and Valuation Rolls; Armadale Burgh Band photo; 2 poems by Ellen Mulvey; Coyle family photo.)

  17. Your Magazine, Mainly Bathville, Issue 6, June 1996, History of Armadale Association: X000 018 985 (Features: Photo of Atlas Brickwork; An Armadale Benefactor - A Tribute to James Wood; The History of the lands and Estate of Bathville; Photo of Miners' Welfare Institute; Armadale World War 1 Heroes; Wartime in Armadale; Industries and The Big Lums of Armadale that are nae mair: Pits and Coal Mines; Steel Foundries; Brickworks; Building Contractors; Photo of Armadale Strongman and Wrestler Billy Faulkner; Armadale Heroes Remembered with Photo; Photo of Bathville House, former home of James Wood.)

  18. Your Magazine, Noo an Then, Issue 7, December 1996, History of Armadale Association: X000 019 087 (Features: People in the past - the twentieth century; My Tribute to Granny Brown; Spud bashing at an annual Boys Brigade Camp - photo; Life in the Cappers; Noo and Then: For the garden; Furniture; To quench the thirst; Holidays; The Royal Infirmary procession; The doctor; The dentist; The volunteers; Hot peas and fish suppers.  Women Workers of the Past - photo; Poem - Over the Moss by Margaret Hunter, and The Northside of Sweet Armadale by John Randall Craig; Armadale Methodist Church; Photo - Albert Allan, school janitor)

  19. Your Magazine, Meet the Archers, Issue 8, June 1998, History of Armadale Association: X000 019 709 (Features: Meet the Archers; An Armadale Character - 'The Dasher'; A Flittin' to Woodbank Cemetery; A Daunder up the Whitburn Road c1917; Tippethill Hospital; Poems: Loo Lament and A Defence of Our Public Conveniences; Memories of down on the farm; Armadale's Railways (with Map); A Tribute to Rev. Joe Ritchie, MBE - A modest man - A wartime hero; Lord Armadale; The Terries; The Provosts of Armadale (with 4 photos) Poem: Armadale, The Tourist Trap.)

  20. Your Magazine, A Daunder Round Armadale, Issue 9, June 1999, History of Armadale Association: X000 020 053 (Features: A Daunder Round Armadale; In Canada's Wild West, the Adventures of an Armadale Family; Armadale Bowling Club; Reminiscing on the Old Days...; Some Tales of Old Armadale; Tae Rabbie and Yesterday, Poems by M. Hunter; Rag Rugs; Behind the Flickering Spotlight; Nursing at Tippethill in the 1940; Some Memories of Armadale Scout Troop (28th WL) during Early Years of World War 2; assorted photos.)

  21. Your Magazine, Pleasures, Pits and Piety, Issue 10, June 2001, History of Armadale Association: X000 020 536 (Features: St Paul's Episcopal Church; Early Days at the Parish Church; Our Church; Sunday School Memories; Extract from 1862 Talk by Rev Emmanuel Robertson on Armadale and Bathgate; The Catholic Church; The Hut; Badminton ;Rev Alexander Rodger; Methodist Church Youth Club photo c1967; East Church; Signals and Operations with two photos; Wartime Memories; Armadale Co-operative; A Vanished Way of Life; Peter's First Shift; Elizabeth Kerr; Photo of Andrew Graham, Minister of the EU (Congregational) Church in Armadale (1920s))

  22. Transcript of National Relief Fund: Armadale Local Committee Minute Book 1914 - 1916 (not published)

 23. Legacy o the Last Lum in Poetry an Sang. A celebration of Armadale's rural, urban and industrial history as written in the poetry and songs of the townsfolk. 2013, ISBN No. 978-0-9514941-5-8. (3)