History of Armadale Association

Updated 12 April 2011

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Secretary: Betty Hunter



OVERVIEW OF some of the activities of 2009

Please note that this will be the last online HAA newsletter for the foreseeable future.

  1. Discussed and responded to local history and family history enquiries, and to photographic and written submissions.

  2. Discussed the design of a new Dux board (partly funded by the HAA) for display in Armadale Primary School; attended the meeting at Scotsigns about the board design and manufacture.

  3. Attended the Dux Board event at Armadale Primary School on 6 March when the Dux Board was unveiled by Heather Shields nee Mallace and presented to the School.  Presented an archival album recording the event to the School.

  4. Contributed material for inclusion in the Gala Day 100th celebration booklet.

  5. Gave a talk to the 50+ club at Armadale Community Centre, which was well received.

  6. Attended Digital Past: New Technologies in Heritage, Interpretation and Outreach, presented by RCAHMW, at The Visualisation Centre, University of Aberystwyth, Wales. Photos

  7. Attended and photographed the Armadale Academy Closure event.

  8. Led a kite aerial photography session for members of the Young Archaeologists Club (Bath & Bristol Branch) where photos were taken of Westbury Park (Clifton Down) Bristol.  Also worked with Ross and Cromarty YACs later in the year.

  9. Taken more kite photographs of the Hall of the Lady Dowager Torphichen, Southrigg Farm,  the Cathlaw site and Gormyre Hill, as well as sites of interest in other places such as the Roman town of Caerwent, Wales.

  10. Had a photograph of Gormyre published as the frontispiece published in June issue of The Photogrammetric Record, An International Journal of Photogrammetry

  11. Helped an English community, famous for its anti-slavery arch, by setting up a basic website, reflecting the area's history while linking to its Maypole history group and providing a platform for the community's village hall.

  12. Attended the first Scottish Community Archaeology Conference May 2009 organised by East Lothian Council and Archaeology Scotland at Queen Margaret University, to promote the Armadale community as well as the efforts of this website and the HAA.  Abstract to be published.

  13. Wrote an article for Notes on our aerial photography of Gormyre and the Ogilface sites to be published in Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, The Journal of Archaeology Scotland.

  14. Invited to give a kite aerial photography demonstration at the the second conference of Scotland's Rural Past, RCAHMS.

  15. Attended a most useful RCAHMS course (SRP).

  16. Discussed queries and photos sent in by members of the general public.

  17. Enjoyed one anotherís company in regular monthly meetings.

Many more activities took place later that year!