History of Armadale Association

Updated 12 April 2011

New members are always welcome. 

If you would like more details about our Association, please contact: 

Chairman: Ron Dingwall      HAAchairmanarmadale.org.uk

Secretary: Betty Hunter



OVERVIEW OF 2006 - 2007

Since November 2006, HAA members have:

  1. Discussed and responded to local history and family history enquiries, and to photographic and written submissions.

  2. Created the HAA website page.

  3. Published Picturing The Past, vol 4, A photographic look at old Armadale. Created INDEX 4, available on website.

  4. Prepared and published Picturing The Past, vol 5, A photographic look at old Armadale. Created INDEX 5, available on website.

  5. Prepared an index for Your Magazine, Fond Memories, Issue 4, June 1995.  Created INDEX, available on website.

  6. Transcribed Armadale Local Committee Minute Book, 1914 – 1916, for National Relief Fund.  Transcription available on website.

  7. Staged a display about HAA’s interests and its publications, and responded to visitors' questions, at the Inaugural West Lothian History Fair 2007.

  8. Attended talks and visited other groups’ displays at the Inaugural West Lothian History Fair 2007.

  9. Applied for and received a £6,300 award from National Lottery’s Awards for All Scheme, to cover printing, publicity and distribution costs of its next publication.

  10. Prepared and discussed material for the publication of Armadale in Minutes, to be launched March 2008.

  11. Started preparations for the publication of Armadale in Minutes.

  12. Arranged the restoration and protective framing of Armadale Public School Roll of Honour.

  13. Supported www.armadale.org.uk website in the request for archaeological assistance to solve the questions posed by the Woodend and Standhill sites, especially in relation to the site of Ogilface Castle.

  14. Attended survey sessions conducted by Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society, supported by Historic Scotland.

  15. Developed kite-flying skills needed for aerial photography!

  16. Helped to gather information on Armadale bands and especially The History of Armadale Concert Ensemble for  www.armadale.org.uk

  17. Talked to Armadale Friendship Group re Family Research and Armadale History.

  18. Collected and copied old photographs (some of which may be seen in the library).

  19. Arranged the restoration and protective framing of the Burgh Coat of Arms.

  20. Enjoyed one another’s company in regular monthly meetings.


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