Armadale Children's Gala Day  2009


(A Tale in Two Parts!)

Updated 26 June 2009

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Part I

After the Crowning Ceremony, everyone gathered for the Parade...


The retiring Queen of Hearts 2008, Emma Rickis, and her Champion, Jordan Johnston, took a tour of Armadale, supported by followers and Newland Concert Brass.  From Armadale Academy they travelled to Bathville Cross via West Main Street, The Cross and South Street.

Left and right: much-prized trophies accompanied by representatives of Armadale's football teams.

If anyone has a better photo of the cup, let me know!

1st Armadale Girls' Brigade raising a cheer!

Blackridge Thistle Flute Band...

pursued by Postman Pat!

ABC Tots as Madagascar were ready for action!

Sarah Jane, Flower Queen, and her court rewarded spectators with smiles and waves...

Jumping Jacks Toddler Group are off to space' read the slogan.  From the photo, that seems most likely!

As the rain began to fall, the pageant characters strode on determinedly... but even our camera began to suffer!

Hi Ho! Snow White has broken ranks!  Has she changed her mind?!

Beat That!

These cheerleaders must be commended for performing with enthusiasm, no matter what the weather... They were still in full voice with movements 20 minutes later!

At least Balbardie Primary School's float provided some shelter!

Damp, but not disheartened...

.... when so many people are watching!

Galashiels Ex-servicemen's Pipe Band


Many thanks to the St Andrew's First Aid team for attending on both Gala days.

Coalburn Silver Band

Part II

We dashed from West Main Street to Bathville to find the parade bathed in sunshine at last.  Many observers on the street had waited patiently to watch the stirring spectacle of the procession coming down from Bathville Cross en route for Watson Park via Watt Avenue > St Paul's Drive > Church Place > East Main Street > McNeil Crescent.


The bands played on for the public's entertainment, Beat That leading their section of the parade...

The Flower Queen's ladies were still waving...


The pumpkin was still in its barrow, the Smurfs remained cheerfully blue...

The collectors took stock...

Postman Pat made it up South Street and was still going strong!!

... even the American Werewolf from Blackridge seemed more cheerful...

the ladies of the court maintained their composure...

...there was even a chance to chat!...

and even the smallest participants from Eastertoun Nursery School strode purposefully on... perhaps with a promise of Watson Park treats at the end of their marathon circuit of Armadale!


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