Armadale Children's Gala Day  2008

The Crowning of the Queen of Hearts

on Saturday 21 June 2008

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Updated 28 June 2008

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Queen Emma being crowned by the Retiring Queen, Megan Drummond


Emma and her court listened while Master of Ceremonies, Stuart Borrowman, briefed the assembled audience.

As Queen-elect Emma arrived at Armadale Academy for her coronation, she was given much needed help

with her long velvet train.  Meanwhile the Bower Girls prepared to welcome the new members of the Queen's Court.

The audience, represented by many sections of Armadale's local community,

waited for the traditional scene to unfold.

Retiring Queen Megan and her Champion, Brendan, shown in the last moments of her reign.
Above left, members of Queen Emma's family looked on with pride.

Flower Queen Shannon and her Chief Ladies in Waiting, Kealan and Jenny, (below left)

and Fairy Queen Shelby and her Chief Ladies in Waiting, Mikelle and Naomi, (below right)

also appeared to be captivated by the occasion.

The crowning and speeches completed, the new Queen of Hearts performed one of her first royal duties:

the presentation of a sash to the Retiring Queen Megan.

Many bouquets of flowers and gifts were presented,

and then it was time for the new Queen of Hearts Emma, accompanied by her Chief Ladies in Waiting, Heather and Kelsey,

to meet and greet her public in the Parade.


Did the event meet expectations?  The smile of the Master of Ceremonies said it all!


Even  Fairy Queen Shelby appeared to be floating on air!


Many congratulations to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the successful event!

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