Armadale Children's Gala Day 2008

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Friday 20th June

Royal Proclamation and Street Fayre

Saturday 21st June
Crowning of the Queen



 updated 28June 2008

Children's Entertainment at Wood Park

Gala Photos by Others

updated 30 January 2009

The office bearers for the 2009 Gala Day are: President Stuart Borrowman; Vice-President Billy Cunningham; Treasurer Freda McInulty; and Secretary Susan Rooney 12 Church Place Armadale EH48 2LY.

Many thanks to Jean Duncan and the members of the former Methodist Church Haven Club who have donated a substantial sum towards the costs of the 100th Gala in 2010.



Armadale Children's Gala Day Committee for 2007 - 2008

Honorary President: Jim Sibbald

President: Stuart Borrowman; Vice-President: William Cunningham; Secretary: Anne Ross; Minutes Secretary: Lynne Rennie: Treasurer: Jane Blake; Assistant Treasurer: Freda McInulty; Sports: Susan Rooney; Bands and Parade: Ian Mitchell; Catering: Billy Cunningham; Pageant and Events: Yvonne Mitchell and Anne Ross; Transport: Heather Burch; Youth: Tom McAulay; Programme: Stuart Borrowman and Catherine Roy

Info: anne-rossbtconnect.com

The Committee's special guest for 2008 was Mrs Tracy Sinton in recognition of her work with Armadale Girls' Brigade.




Flat races. Pre-school boys: 1 Laurie Stewart 2 Cameron Waddell 3 Sam Lees; girls: Abbie Leyden 2 Samantha Stewart 3 Eve Waddell; P1 boys: 1 Ben McKeown 2 Dylan Shaw 3 Murray Arnott; girls: Erin McComiskey 2 Letitia Lamont 3 Elisa Rae; P2 boys: Sam Waddell 2 Tom Nisbet 3 Max Trail; girls: Hannah Fleming 2 Christie Hastings 3 Summer Love; P3 boys: Ewan Ballantyne 2 Frank Speirs 3 TJ Cuthbert; girls: Paula Lafferty 2 Ava Kerr 3 Eilidh McMaster; P4 boys: Luke Harley 2 Ross Vance 3 Peter Shaw; girls: Amy Hamilton 2 Shannon Molloy 3 Kelly Black; P5 boys: Jordan Baxter 2 Jordan Coull 3 Stewart Forrest; girls: Caitlin Leyden 2 Charley Walker 3 Natalie Lees; P6 boys: James McGregor 2 Adam Sinclair 3 Ruari Hardie; girls: Chloe Watson 2 Sophie Marshall 3 Shannon Smith; P7 boys: Christopher Drummond 2 Calum Rodgers 3 Keiron Cuthbert; girls: Jasmine Kennedy 2 Megan Brown 3 Melissa Sneddon.
Sack races Pre-school boys: Daniel Caddell 2 Sam Dunn 3 Sam Lees; girls: Abbie Leyden 2 Charley Forrest 3 Ebony Burton; P1 boys: Lee McNeill 2 Brandon McMillan 3 Josh Anderson; girls: 1 Letitia Lamont 2 Emma McComiskey 3 Jorja Bell; P2 boys: 1 Tom Nisbet 2 Kyle Finlay 3 Max Traill; girls: Summer Love 2 Stacey Sinnet 3 Kerry Brown; P3 boys: Frank Speirs 2 Adam Burns 3 Ewan Ballantyne; girls: Ava Kerr2 Kayleigh Little 3 Elanna Sinclair; P4 boys: 1 Jamie Traill 2 Ruari Allan 3 Ben Oliver; girls: Chloe McMillan 2 Stephanie Hosie 3 Kelly Black; P5 boys: Cameron Sweeney 2 Rhegan Swan 3 David Innes; girls: Natalie Lees 2 Charley Walker 3 Caitlin Leyden; P6 boys: Adam Sinclair 2 Gavin Cochrane 3 Ria Sykes; girls: 1 Chloe Nelson 2 Courtney McKenna 3 Sophie Marshall; P7 boys: 1 Christopher Drummond 2 Kieran Cuthbert 3 Dylan Love; girls: 1 Hazel Bailey 2 Emma Rickis 3 Anna Nisbet; SS boys: 1 Chris Syme 2 Ciaran Tonner 3 Steven Smith; girls: 1 Ashley Syme 2 Dion McDowell 3 Shannon Cosgrove
Three-legged races pre-school boys: no race; girls: 1 Megan Marshall and Abbie McMaster 2 Orla Brown and Taylor Borthwick 3 Eve Waddell and Charley Forrest; P1 boys: 1 Jay Tait and Ben Drummond 2 Cameron Carse and Drew Russell 3 Matthew Rickis and Rory Welsh; girls: no race; P2 boys: no race; girls: Nicola Lees and Jordan Borthwick 2 Nicole McKay and Toni Todd 3 Rebecca Brown and Naomi Watson; P3 boys: 1 David McKeown and Kieran Bannon 2 Tom Nisbet and Connor Marshall 3 Owen Sweeney and Kyle Finlay; girls: 1 Robyn Black and Dani Kane 2 Sian Robertson and Chloe McKay 3 Natasha Gaffney and Elanna Sinclair; P4 boys: 1 Frank Speirs and Ewan Ballantyne 2 TJ Cuthbert and Jordan Johnston 3 Ethan Caddell and Lewis Campbell; girls: 1 Nina Melrose and Chloe Millen 2 Caitlin Gibney and Kayleigh Little 3 Caitlin Todd and Cindy Cosgrove; P5 boys: 1 Cameron Brown and Luke Harley 2 Jake McDonald and Rory Allan 3 Peter Shaw and Rhys Beveridge; girls: Kirstie Lambie and Natalie Lees 2 Niamh Tonner and Charlotte Fleming 3 Caitlin Leyden and Chloe Spalding; P6 boys:1 Andrew Watson and Cameron Sweeney 2 Aaron Kerr and Calum McGuire 3 Andrew Brady and Peter Rankin; girls: 1 Lauren Russell and Shannon Smith 2 Sophie Marshall and Stephanie Irvine 3 Iona McMaster and Chloe Graham; P7 boys: 1 Ruari Hardie and Jack Marshal 2 Gavin Cochrane and Kyle McComb 2 Jack Kennedy and Adam Sinclair; girls: 1 Colleen Potter and Branka Petrovic 2 Megan Brown and Hazel Bailey 3 Heather Lyon and Shelley Arthur; P7 mixed:1 Jasmine Kennedy and Anna Nisbet 2 Calum Rodgers and Christopher Drummond 3 Chelsea Molloy and Emily Godden; SS boys: 1 Steven Smith and James Marshall 2 Ian Miller and Jack Cochrane 3 Chris Syme and Cammy Walker; SS girls: 1 Yvonne McLaren and Lauren Chalmers 2 Nicky Caldwell and Haley Fraser 3 Laura Davidson and Jade Fleming;
Marathon (all mixed) P1: 1 Josh Anderson 2 Joseph Tonner 3 Murray Arnott; P2:1 Summer Love 2 Kerry Brown 3 Tom Nisbet; P3: Andrew Ballantyne 2 Frank Speirs 3 Kyle Sampson; P4: Amy Hamilton 2 Rhona Arnott 3 Ethan Rae; P5: Cameron Sweeney 2 Andrew Fleming 3 Peter Rankin; P6/7: 1 James McGregor 2 Megan Brown 3 Chris Drummond; SS:1 Euan Vance 2 Chris Syme 3 James Marshall.
Adults 18-30: 1 Steven Watson 2 Kevin Shaw 3 Steven McGowan; 31-50: Senga Nisbet 2 Joanna Brown 3 Sharon Anderson.
Primary Schools’ Championship: 1 Armadale PS 2 Eastertoun PS 3 St Anthony’s PS


Decorated houses: Armadale PS 1 Anderson, Cappers Court 2 Middleton, Mayfield Drive 3 Broughton, Hailstones Crescent Eastertoun PS 1 Rodden, Denholm Grove 2 Rickis, Forrester Road 3 Coia, Shaw Avenue St Anthony’s PS 1 Black, Woodend Walk 2 McGuire, Station Road 3 Fealy, Cricketfield Place Overall winner Rodden, Eastertoun PS
Decorated premises: 1ABC Tots 2 Rings ‘n Things 3 Colinshiel Home
Decorated lorries (open): 1 Balbardie PS 2 Broons & Hillbillies
Decorated lorries (confined): 1 Armadale PS 2 Eastertoun PS 3 St Anthony’s PS
Decorated vehicles, 30cwt and under: 1 Bugsy Malone (Firstline Entertainment) 2 Old McDonald’s Farm (Methodist Church Mums & Tots)
Fancy dress characters (15 years and under):1 Pirate (Dale Berry) 2 Dalmatian baby 3 Pirate (Megan Green)
Fancy dress characters (16 years and over): 1 Crocodile (Gareth Borthwick) 2 Lion (George Duncan) 3 Pirate (Sandra Purvis)
Fancy dress characters (group): 1 Old McDonald’s Farm (Methodist Church) 2 Chefs (ABC Tots) 3 Carnival (Eastertoun PS)
Decorated transporter (16 years and under): 1 Indians on Horseback (Jenna & Gary McFarlane) 2 Pirate 3 Tardis (Anderson)

Shannon Molloy

Numpties on Tour (Shirley Burns’ team)