Armadale Children's Gala Day 2007

Friday 15th June - the eve of Gala Day

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The leaders of the Armadale procession, which escorted the new Champion to the home of the Queen-elect

2007's new Champion, Brendan Thomson, prepares for the procession to the 'Castle'.

2007's Queen-elect, Megan Drummond, gives a gracious greeting to her visitors.

Jim Sibbald strides forth to Megan's 'Castle', accompanied by Bathgate's Newland Concert Brass Band.

The Champion's family at the Street Fayre in North Street.

 After a short, brisk march up South Street, the procession arrives and the Band serenades the Queen. Video (13.3 MB)

Jim Sibbald delivers an address at Queen Megan's 'Castle'.


Armadale Gala Day 2007

We hope

Megan Drummond, our new Queen of Hearts,

her champion, Brendan Thomson,

the Flower Queen, Lindsay Royle,

the Fairy Queen, Stephanie Hosie,

and all the children taking part in 2007's event had a very happy day!


Winifred Thacker helps Jennifer and David Douglas to decorate their home ready for Saturday's judges.



Saturday 16th June

Jim Sibbald, Master of Ceremonies,  prepares for the crowning ceremony on the stage of Armadale Academy

The Newland Concert Brass Band awaits Queen Megan and her Court

Queen Megan and her Court


Queen Megan McLeish (2006) crowns our new

Queen Megan Drummond


Photos of some decorated homes HERE


The Queen and her Champion

By Ronnie Thomson


Armadale Academy's Assembly Hall was a fitting venue for the wonderful spectacle of the Queen and her Court.  The girls were beautiful, the boys were handsome, and their families were rightly proud!

 Jim Sibbald must be acknowledged, in particular, for his Master of Ceremonies role, which kept calm, clear control of the unfolding events.  The other organisers in the Hall and all the unsung 'heroes' helping on the streets did a superb job in ensuring the smooth running of a challenging day. 

The weather was chilly and wet, but Armadale streets were full of onlookers, keen to support the annual event, listening to the stirring music of the guest bands and enjoying the spectacle of the procession of the Champion and parents, the ex-Queen, her Champion and Court, the Queen of Hearts, her Court and parents, the fancy dress characters, as well as some wonderful decorated floats.

Many congratulations to everyone on a successful event!


Special thanks to 2007 Gala Day Committee whose hard work made today's event possible:

Jim Sibbald, President; Billy Cunningham, Vice-president / catering; Anne Ross, Secretary / pageant; Jane Blake, Treasurer / pageant; Ian Mitchell, Bands; Yvonne Mitchell, Transport; Susan Rooney, Sports; Stuart Borrowman, Programme.



2007 Gala Day Decorated Homes HERE



Past Gala Days HERE



The office bearers for the 2009 Gala Day are: President Stuart Borrowman; Vice-President Billy Cunningham; Treasurer Freda McInulty; and Secretary Susan Rooney 12 Church Place Armadale EH48 2LY.

Many thanks to Jean Duncan and the members of the former Methodist Church Haven Club who have donated a substantial sum towards the costs of the 100th Gala in 2010.


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