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Children Evacuated to Armadale 1939

26 August 2009

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Please note that the lists of evacuees on this page are not complete.  More will be added as they become available.

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Help wanted! 

Were you evacuated to Armadale in 1939 or later?  Did your family take in an evacuee?  Do you have any memories of evacuees in Armadale?

Mrs Emily Burgess Lamb nee Henderson has many happy memories of being Archie and Cecelia Walker's 'wee evacuee' in Lower Bathville, Armadale for six months at the start of World War Two.

'They had a son called Alec aged three months older than myself and a son who was in the Royal Air Force. There was some tooing and froing because Mrs Walker said she had not had anything to do with girls. After a while I was taken into the house and I remember someone gave me a pie and then I was taken for a walk round the garden where I fell. This resulted in my bursting into tears. This must have made their minds up to keep me. I was very lucky to be with this family.'

See her story 'Evacuation' in 'West Side Stories'.  If you would like to be in touch with her, please let me know.

James Vandepeear

Does anyone remember an evacuee called James Vandepeear who was sent to stay with an Armadale family in 1939? He has told me, "I was an evacuee from Edinburgh at Armadale.   I did not stay there long, and can only remember a row of terrace cottages sloping down to a field or play ground, and I recall sliding down a bing on a shovel.  I was barely 5 years old at the time, and what I do remember is very little.  The row of cottages on a slope is fairly certain, and a swing park at the bottom of the hill.  As to the names of the family I was with, I cannot remember them at all, except that they had three sons, at least, and I think I shared a bed with them."

The History of Armadale Association has published many publications containing reminiscences such as this one in Your Magazine from A. Primrose (nee Kerr), Alberta, Canada:

"During the war, children were sent from their city homes to board with people in the country to avoid the expected bombing in Scotland, but a friend from London told me that she and her little sister were sent away from home for five years to live with strangers.

The grand-daughter of a friend came from Edinburgh to live with us. She was about a year older than I. School was out for the summer and we were free to do what we wanted. I didn't expect her to know anyone in our town, but as luck would have it, the headmaster's daughter, who lived almost next door, had gone to school with her in Edinburgh. So, our friend Margaret, and neighbour Cathy, my brother Robert who was a classmate of Cathy, and myself all did things together. There were a number of outbuildings in our yard which housed pigeons, hens, rabbits, white mice and budgies as well as their feed; cement and other building supplies. I remember sitting on bags of cement, playing monopoly for hours while it poured with rain outside! Margaret and Cathy shared their different experiences with Robert and me and we really had an enjoyable week. Yes, week. Margaret was homesick and decided she wanted to go home.

There were lots of funny stories about the mis-match of evacuees and foster homes but some were rather sad. One boy in my class fainted from lack of breakfast and the teacher gave him her lunch. Another boy was the school bully and we spent much time avoiding him. On the other hand, a well-to-do acquaintance had three boys from a slum area of Glasgow who benefited greatly by living the good life. Unless living with relatives, most evacuees went home after a short time."

If you have a reminiscence that you would be willing to share, please e-mail John



Draft of extracted information about female evacuees admitted to school in Armadale 11 Sept 1939 

Please let me know if you see any errors

Admission Number Girl's name + parent/guardian name Address where child stayed while in Armadale Dept / Division in which child was placed in school Date of leaving + destination / cause of leaving
1 TAYOR Eliz daughter of James GRAHAM, Willow Cotts 2b 15 Sept 1937?, Edinburgh
2 RONALDSON Evelyn daughter of John McCLORY, 175 Mayfield 2b 22 Dec 1939, Edinburgh
3 WISHART Isobel daughter of James KERR, Calderhouse? Place 2b 3 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
4 WISHART Amy daughter of James KERR, Calderhouse? Place 2b 3 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
5 DAVIDSON Helen daughter of John BROWN, 5 Barbauchlaw Avenue 2b 10 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
6 HANNING Catherine daughter of John ?158 Mount Pleasant 1a 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
7 WATT Doris daughter of Albert 79 Mount Pleasant 1a 10 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
8 NICOLE Etta daughter of Albert BROWN, 66B West Main Street 2a 12 Oct 1939, Glasgow
9 SHAW Lorna guardian Lorna SHAW, 137 South Street 2a 30 Nov 1939, Portobello
10 McGREGOR Bluebell guardian Mona BURNETT, 10 Brown Street 2a 18 Sept 1939, LHS
11 PAICKES? Ann daughter of Geo SERVANT, 14D Mayfield 2a 23 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
12 MYLES Milly daughter of Charles DICKSON, 148 Unity Terrace 2a 15 Dec 1939, Edinburgh
13 WICK Winifred guardian Evelyn STEELE BURNETT, 10 Brown Street 2a 5 June 1941, age
14 BLAIR Edna daughter of James Wul..., 15 Watt Avenue P5a 10 May 1940, Edinburgh
15 INVICE? Cath. daughter of John KERR, 15 Barbauchlaw  Avenue P5a 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
16 BATHGATE Annie daughter of Alex 71? Lower Bathville P5b 16 July 1943, age
17 McGREGOR Eve guardian Mrs Mona 10 Brown Street P5b 9 April 1943, age
18 RANKINE Robina daughter of John Trees Cottage P5b 24 April 1941, Edinburgh
19 WAKELY Agnes daughter of James Thomdean Cottage P5b 8 July 1942, age
20 REA Marigold daughter of Alex 2 Rosebank Cott P5e 6 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
21 O'REILLY Mary daughter of Rod 87 Mount Pleasant P5e 26 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
22 CUMON Eliz daughter of Daniel 42 St Helens Place P5e 16 Jan 1940, Edinburgh
23 FISHER Isabel daughter of James 62 Lower Bathville P5e 6 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
24 REITH Margaret daughter of David Trees Farm P4a 13 Mar 1940, England
25 McLAREN Jessie daughter of Isaac 67 Mount Pleasant P4a 19 Jan 1940, Edinburgh
26 DOWIE Kathleen daughter of Oswald Hawthorn Cott P4a 24 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
27 WAKELY Jessie daughter of James Rowantree Cott P4a 8 July 1942, Edinburgh
28 REITH  Elizabeth, of David Trees Farm P4a 13 Mar 1940, England
29 AITKEN Margt daughter of Gordon ?RHEID, 28 Academy Street P4b 24 Nov 1939, Glasgow
30 HASTIE Etta daughter of John DICK, 14 Calder Crescent P4b 5 Feb 1943, Edinburgh
31 STEVENSON Margt daughter of Walter HARRIS, 11 Heatherbank P4b 8 Dec 1939, Clydebank
32 CRAIG Mary daughter of JAS 29 Mile Road P4e 22 Sept 1939, Glasgow
33 CLOUSTOUN Eleanor daughter of John 52 Harestanes Road P4e 13 May 1940, Edinburgh
34 RONALDSON Mary daughter of John MIDDLETON, 15 Mayfield Drive P3a 11 July 1940, Edinburgh
35 ROBERTSON Mary daughter of Samuel DICKSONS, 200 Mayfield Drive P3a 2 Feb 1940, Edinburgh
36 WYSE Kathleen ?, 53 Mount Pleasant P3a 22 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
37 RICHARDSON Ruby daughter of Wm CASEY, 91 Mayfield Drive P3a 24 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
38 DUNN Ann daughter of Dr. J AIKMAN, 117 South Street P3a 11 July 1940, Dundee
39 STEVENSON Margt daughter of Alex McGARINTY, 36 Barbauchlaw  Avenue P3a 22 Sept 1939, Glasgow
40 STEVENSON Eliz daughter of Alex McGARINTY, 36 Barbauchlaw  Avenue P3a 22 Sept 1939, Glasgow



Draft of extracted information about male evacuees admitted to school in Armadale 11 Sept 1939

Please let me know if you see any errors

Admission Number Boy's name + parent/guardian name Address where child stayed while in Armadale Dept / Division in which child was placed in school Date of leaving + destination / cause of leaving
1 HANNAH Wm R son of Wm RUSSELL, 118 Lower Bathville 2A 12 Sept 1939, Glasgow
2 MUNRO Richard son of Edward SNEDDON, 27 Brown Street 2A 21 Sept1939, Edinburgh
3 WILSON John son of Thos COOK, 74 South Street 2A 11 July 1940, age
4 CADDELL Geo son of Thos BOYD, Cappers Farm 2A 28 Sept 1939, LHS
5 JOHNSTON Jas guardian Angelina BOYD, Cappers Farm 2A 28 Sept 1939, LHS
6 McMAIN Wm guardian Agnes JOHNSTONE, Louvain Gardens 2A 22 Dec 1939, Edinburgh
7 CADDELL Thos son of Thos JOHNSTONE, Louvain Gardens 2A 17 Nov 1939, age, Edinburgh
8 WILSON Robt son of Thos 74 South Street 1A 8 July 1942,  age, Edinburgh
9 RICHARDSON Jas son of Wm CASEY, 91 Mayfield 2B 24 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
10 HAWKES Geo son of Geo 29 Lower Bathville 1B 22 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
11 MYLES Wm son of Chas 148A Unity Terrace 1B 22 Dec1939, Edinburgh
12 DENHOLM Wm son of Jas FARLANE, Mill Road 1B 20 Sept1939, Edinburgh
13 COOK Jas son of Jas MARSHALL, George Street P5a 13 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
14 KENNEDY Geo son of Chas ALEXANDER, 73 Mount Pleasant P5a 27 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
15 NAPIER Geo son of John 42 Hardhill Terrace P5b 11 July 1940, BA
16 GARDENER Wm son of Alex Newhouse Farm P5e 22 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
17 PORTEOUS Alex son of Robert Polkemmet Cottage P5e 11 July 1940, LHS
18 LAYCOCK Newton son of Newton 23 Harestanes Road P4a 24 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
19 HANNING Wm son of John REID, 58 Mount Pleasant P4b 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
20 LEADBETTER Jas son of Geo REID, 58 Mount Pleasant P4b 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
21 FORD Alex guardian Mrs McCARTNEY, 128 Mayfield Drive P3a 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
22 FISHER Alex son of Jas DAVIDSON , 33 Calder Crescent P3a 18 Oct 1940, Edinburgh
23 MENZIES Jas son of Jas WALKER, 57 Mayfield Drive P3a 11 July 1940, Edinburgh
24 CRUIKSHANK Donald son of Wm HENDERSON, South Park P3a 22 Sept 1939, Glasgow

Re-admitted: 17 Mar 1941

8 July 1942, BA

25 COUPER Henry guardian Mrs CHALMERS, 63 West Main Street P3a 5 Dec, 1939, Edinburgh
26 NAPIER Alex son of John PEDEN, 42 Hardhill Terrace P3b 21 Feb 1941, Wishaw
27 HAWKES Leslie son of Geo DAVIDSON, 29 Lower Bathville P3b 27 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
28 DAVIDSON David son of John GALLAWAY, 38 Mayfield Drive P3b 10 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
29 ROBERTSON Marshall guardian Mrs R REID, 40 Barbauchlaw  Avenue P3b 6 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
30 ROBERTSON Wm son of Sam DIXON, 200 Mayfield P3e 2 Feb 1940, Edinburgh
31 FISHER James son of Jas DAVIDSON, 33 Calder Crescent P3e 18 Oct 1940, Edinburgh
32 MILNE Thos son of Jas SIMPSON, Glenlark P3d 27 Oct 1939, Edinburgh
33 NORRIS Kenneth son of David McGARRITY, 17 Watt Avenue P3d 11 Dec 1939, Edinburgh
34 GALL Wm son of Neil ROSS, George Street P3d 24 Nov 1939, Edinburgh
35 PORTEOUS Robert son of Robert BROWN, Station Road P3d 9 July1941, Edinburgh
36 WOOD Alex son of Alex SIMPSON, Glenlark P3d 15 Dec 1939, Edinburgh
37 TAYLOR Walter GRAHAM, Willow Cott P2a 15 Sept 1939, Edinburgh
38 WAUGH Jas son of James DUNCAN, 38 Hardhill Terrace P2a 11 July 1940, Edinburgh
39 RONALDSON Raymond son of John MIDDLETON, 151 Mayfield Drive P2a 11July 1940, Edinburgh
40 REEVES Wm, son of Wm ?BEVINETO, 24 Brown Street P2b 27 Oct 1939, Edinburgh