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Address: 51a South Street, Armadale EH48 3ET

Phone: 01501 732724


 Heather Shields' Dental Surgery Smiles Plus

At the end of January 2009,  Heather Shields and her team moved from West Main Street to their new dental surgery premises at 51A South Street, Armadale.

The practice was established in March 1985, but, by 2008, it was decided that bigger premises were needed.  Since 14 November 2008, the building at the back of the Masonic Hall has been subjected to major alteration and renovation.  Now, the transformed building provides an attractive, well-equipped suite of rooms, ready to meet the requirements and expectations of the clients, as well as the staff, of a busy, modern dental surgery.

We would like to thank Heather Shields for providing the additional photos of the demolition and renovation of the lounge of the old building. 

Dental Surgeon Sarah J. Anderson BDS

Summer 2012

Dental Nurse Michelle Marshall


December 2011

Dental Nurse Lesley Crighton.

Dental Surgeon Christina A. McFall, BDS.

August 2011

In Spring 2010, Donna Boyd BSc (Hons) Pod, MChS, introduced her chiropody/podiatry clinic to the surgery's premises.


Maureen Wynne, Receptionist



(L-R) Heather Shields and her team: Samantha Caddell, Practice Manager; Gayle Shanks and Vicky Kelly, Dental Nurses The Reception desk, looking towards the entrance
Outside the entrance The waiting area, with treatment rooms beyond

Another view of Reception The X-ray Room

Equipment being unpacked in one of the treatment rooms Cards and flowers from well-wishers

The unpacking draws to a close The spacious disabled toilet
The Clean Room The Decontamination Room

The former dental surgery in West Main Street

Workmen busy finishing one of many tasks needed for premises completion



Photos from the Demolition / Renovation Process


 Heather Shields gave us the following poem, to share with website visitors...

The Man from Atlantis!

"Have ye got Big Alex's number James?
(It's Ashley in the shop)
We've got water gushin' everywhere!
And we canny make it stop!"

"We've been working away at the Masons' Lounge
And he's the man to call
My mate was foolin' wi' the water pipe...
And he pulled it off the wall!"

Ashley's standing at the counter
Like a begging Praying Mantis
Drippin' wet and soaked tae the skin!
Like he'd just came from Atlantis!

James is tryin' not tae laugh
(He disn' want tae be a rotter!)
'Cos Ashley's like a drookit craw!
... Standin' in a pool ae water!!

"A' don't think Alex's the man you want
Ye'd be better wi' his brother"
"A'l try him first James" Ashley says
"And I don't want tae tell my mother!!"

I answer my phone, and say "Hello!"
My caller's sounding manic!
"It's Heather's son Ashley here!" says the voice
And he sounded in a panic!

He recites tae me his sorry tale
Of the burst pipe in the hall
How the water pressure is so great...
It's bouncin' off the opposing wall!!

"Don't worry Ashley" I say with conviction
"Things will be alright!
It's Alan ye need though, a'l get ye his number!
He'll soon put things right!"

Alan's called, but alas, alack
(Ashley won't be grinning)
'Cos Alan's nowhere near the 'Dale...
... He's at his in-laws in Kilwinning!!

By now Ashley's sloshed back up the brae
But things aren't any better
The water's cascading down the walls...
And he's going to get much wetter!!

'Cos they'd found the tap to switch off the water
They gave the tap a turn
But it's broken because it's a hundred years old
... It's still running like a burn!

My phone goes again, and it's Ashley once more
"Have you got me any help?"
(The boy who pulled the pipe off the wall
Could be heading for a skelp!)

"Alan's calling some Masons he knows
Richard's trying too!"
By this time, Ashley'd called his mum
(It was the sensible thing to do!)

The only problem being
She'd have bother drivin' oot
'Cos Heather had been in a field...
And a horse had smashed her foot!!!

"Never mind the pain yer in!
We're really in a fankle!
There's water, water everywhere...!
And it's well up ower ma ankle!"

Heather rushes to his aid
(Ashley's aboot tae greet!)
A hose is soon attached to the pipe
And diverted to the street.

Heather's soon calling people she knew
A friendly plumber gent
"I'd love to help you!" the plumber said...
... "But alas, I've moved to Kent!"

The air by now, is turning blue
With no merriment or mirth
When all at once a hero arrives
... Enter, Donald Firth!

He's the man who's got the tools
"Right, let's sort this pickle!"
He turns the water off out on the pavement
It soon becomes a trickle!

It was off at last, the panic over
'Ash' was soaked right through
Now, of course, came the next task
There was mopping up to do!

I can only imagine ('cos I never saw it)
When the next day dawned
Instead of a brand new dental surgery...
... It was like a boating pond!

So there's the tale of the demolition experts
They'd certainly gave it a bash!
None more so than 'The Man from Atlantis'!
Heather's laddie 'Ash'!

Big Hastie
Fae The 'Dale
Dec. 2008