Free Software Links and Communications

(broadband needed to download some of the larger programs)

You can buy programs that are less effective and less useful than many listed below

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Free protection from viruses and trojans etc

 AVG antivirus  includes free updates 

For the latest virus news, advice and tools see (1) (2) (3) (4)

Free online virus scan (1) (2)

Is your computer open to others on the internet? Test it If it fails, turn on or install a firewall.

Remove spyware etc from your computer FREE with  Spybot Ad-aware (and  Windows Defender if you do not have Vista).   Do not rely on just one program.

Microsoft security updates etc very very important!!! (The alternative is a radical move away from Windows to a safer operating system like Linux eg (1)  (2)   (3) ) Linux discs are often given free with magazines and are useful for investigating hard drives on which Windows is installed (Linux can often be run from the disc without installation)


Other free software


Start here >>>' The Best ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Microsoft


Free Photo/image programs Picasa (simple and effective), GIMP  (see also Inkscape for vector graphics)

Free Media player videoLAN

Free Audio editor Audacity

Free program for recording your family history Personal Ancestral File - Excellent

See also the software listed in the next section.


Set up a web page

The easiest way to set up a free webpage or small website is to register (i.e. give your e-mail address and pick a user-name and password) with a site like Freewebs (see other free pages )and use one of their professional-looking webpage templates (like filling out a form). It is that simple.

If you choose a user-name with Freewebs like 'Barbauchlaw'!! for example, your website will be called www.freewebs.com\barbauchlaw For most people, at least initially, this should be OK. But, if you have a business or club etc, you may wish to have your own domain name. So you would have your business name followed by .com , .co.uk ,  .org.uk , etc. For example, www.armadalewestlothian.co.uk is from www.oneandone.co.uk. Therefore, for a cost of less than 5 per year, you can have a webpage/website with its own name.

Many of these free website hosts, like Freewebs, post adverts on your website. This can be intrusive and inappropriate. You can pay for having your website hosted without adverts, see HERE for example. However, normally, the best choice is to use your internet service provider (ISP) as your free host.

With a word processor like Word, or the free AbiWord, simply type out your first page and use the 'save as' option to give the page the title 'index' and save the page as a 'webpage' (some programs may say 'save as HTML' instead of webpage). Then upload the page to your ISP (see FTP program below) or Freewebs etc.

This website ( www.armadale.org.uk ) uses tables, as found in most word processors, to format the pages.

Kompozer Free dedicated wysiwyg html (webpage) editor

AbiWord Free word processor with 'save as HTML' feature

OpenOffice Free office suite with wysiwyg editor for setting up a website (very large download). Also available Here

FileZilla  and Core FTP Lite Free FTP program to upload webpages to the internet (eg to your internet service provider)



Google Sites

Family home pages (For your family history webpage - Free)


Other Free pages

If you develop a large website and want more services and efficient technical support you may want to buy webspace from an organisation like Ware Welch Web Hosting, for example, where armadale.org.uk is now hosted

Other UK broadband providers.


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Worldwide TV, Radio and Newspapers

Worldwide online TV, Radio and Newspapers (1)  (2) 

Online Newspapers (world)

BBC TV News Headlines