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Office Bearers of of Lodge Blackridge 1145 attending the rededication ceremony.


On Saturday 16th May, Lodge Blackridge No 1145 celebrated our Centenary in style.  On 6th May, 100 years ago, our predecessors, who founded the lodge, celebrated our inauguration in style, so no change there!  The rededication ceremony took place in the Craig Inn Centre and the Act of Rededication was performed in an excellent manner by a large deputation from the Grand Lodge of Scotland headed by the Substitute Grand Master Bro. George R. Kelly.

The Lodge were delighted to receive a fine deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Linlithgowshire headed by Bro. James Ellis, the Depute Provincial Grand Master.  Music at the Ceremony was provided by Bro. Eric Jones of Lodge Torphichen Kilwinning No. 13 in a most enjoyable and proficient manner.

After the ceremony, the Brethren retired to the Ridge Inn for the Celebratory Dinner.  The Ridge Inn, in Jardine Place in the village, is the former premises of the Lodge and everyone was delighted to return to what many consider to be our home.  Mine host, himself a member of the Lodge, had decorated the outside of the hostelry with a large banner proclaiming ‘100 years of Lodge Blackridge No 1145’.

The after-dinner speeches flowed well with the toast to The Grand Lodge of Scotland being delivered by Bro. Tam Anderson with Bro. George R. Kelly responding.  Depute Master Bro. Fergus Osborne proposed the toast to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Linlithgowshire ably responded to by Bro. David A. Rintoul, Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire.  Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. James Ellis proposed an excellent toast to Lodge Blackridge and received an equally excellent response from Bro. Gavin MacDonald P.M. 1145 and Past Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire.

Grand Lodge of Scotland attending the rededication ceremony of Lodge Blackridge.


The toast to Visiting Brethren was delivered in a very capable manner by Bro. Duncan Sinnet P.M. 1145 with an unusual number of responses.  Bro. Robert Sneddon P.M. 590 gave a reply on behalf of the Sponsor Lodges, Bro. Richard Hastings R.W.M. 827 added a reply from within the Province, Bro. Alexander M. Watson M.M. 1145 & P.M. 233 Hamilton, offered a reply from outwith the Province, whilst Bro. Neil Spalding M.M. 1145 & P.M. 8123 E.C. Festival Lodge replied from the English Constitution with the final reply left to Bro. Robbie McGregor P.M. 1145 & S.D. 49 Victorian Naval and Military Lodge, Victoria, Australia on behalf of Masonry Universal.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Bro. Gordon Sutherland P.M. 26 & Honorary Member of 1145.  The after-dinner speeches were ably organised by Master of Ceremonies Bro. William H. Gauld, Grand Director of Ceremonies, whilst Junior Grand Chaplain, Bro. John C. Lindsay, offered prayers and grace.

An evening of cabaret with our invited partners and guests followed the formal proceedings and some of our elder statesmen kept up Blackridge traditions by staying to the last!

All attendees received a copy of our history book ‘Ten Decades of Lodge Blackridge No.1145’ produced to mark 100 years of Freemasonry in the village.  This is now on sale in Blackridge Library, Blackridge Post Office and the Wool Shop in Armadale for £10.

This year, on 6th May 2015, we worked the last degree of our First 100 years in Lodge St. James Harthill No. 590 which, rather fittingly, is one of our Sponsor Lodges.  The first degree we will work, in our Second 100 years, will be a degree in Lodge Hope Bridgecastle No. 827 on Saturday 29th August.  Again, fittingly, this will mark 100 years since we first worked a degree in 827, who are our other Sponsor Lodge.

The coincidences do not end there.  One of the last pieces of business of our First 100 Years was to confer Honorary Membership on Walter Sneddon whose great-grandfather and three great-grand-uncles were founder members of Lodge Blackridge.  The first piece of business in our Second 100 Years will be to initiate the great-grandson of our first initiate in 1915.

The Master, Jim McGregor (himself a Blackrigg laddie) noted:  We may have had to change our meeting place from Blackridge to Armadale, but we are still Blackrigg Bairns and Westrigg & Westcraigs Weans at heart.  To have our Rededication Ceremony in the Craig Inn and our Celebration Dinner in the Ridge Inn, showed that the village could be the only place to celebrate our Centenary.  Since 1915, we have made 1,314 Masons, members of 1145.  An hundred years down the line and we are still making Guid Blackridge Masons out of Guid Blackrigg Laddies and beyond.  We look forward to many more over the next One Hundred Years.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Linlithgowshire attending the rededication ceremony of Lodge Blackridge.