Beecraigs Prehistoric Site

Beecraigs Country Park

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On site: Headland Archaeology

Project Manager Simon Stronach

Field Work Jamie Humble, Don Wilson and Philomena Kennedy

Archaeological Report May 2012  Jamie Humble (1.8 MB  pdf )

March 2010

North side excavation

PAP Composite Jim Knowles
Looking west along the site to Cockleroy Hillfort
Near infra-red PAP

The dark feature intersecting with the ring ditch contains shale.

 Jim Knowles with a pole and the shadow of John Wells with a pole.  PAP
7 June 2010

On site: Jamie and Don from Headland Archaeology

South side excavation

Looking north
Looking east Looking ~south west

Pole aerial photos

Looking ~west
Looking ~south
Kite aerial photos in the near infra-red

 (Looking approximately west)

The wind was blowing from the east towards overhead cables and there was some light rain.  It was considered unsafe to fly any further west over the site.

12 June 2010
Kite aerial photos in the near infra-red

The wind was blowing from the west which allowed vertical photography.

View of the original excavation area top left, now covered. (^ east)
North west corner of the southern side excavation.
A typical example of the field on the western side of the excavated sites.

This large unexcavated area looks of potential interest and is worthy of further photography as the growing season draws to a close.