Armadale Swimming Pool

and Health and Fitness Facilities

9 June 2012

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Address and contact details: Armadale Swimming Pool, North Street, Armadale, EH48 3QB

01501 678520

More details including location, available activities, prices and opening times

Unlike some health / fitness / sports providers, the providers of this venue do not require you to be an XCITE member to use the facilities.  Instead, you can attend when you wish and pay for that visit.

Please contact the Swimming Pool for up-to-date details of Armadale Barracudas Swimming Club sessions.

"Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to swim we go!"

View of the 25 metre pool from the reception/refreshment area.  The pool has a pool hoist and as well as a teaching pool.  There is also a poolside sauna and steam room in which to relax after your swim.

Learn to Swim Levels
Tadpole: Adult and baby ( 4 - 15 months); Frog: Adult and toddler (16 months - 2 years); Duckling: Adult and child (2 years - 3 years); Otter: Adult and Youngster (3 years +)
As well as the Learn to Swim courses listed below, there are also Adult only lessons.

The Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Programme sets national standards for swimming in Scotland.  The Learn to Swim programme consists of 8 progressive levels, covering the following the stages of development: safety, fun and play, entries and exits, floating, streamlining, breathing, sculling, development of 4 competitive strokes, kick and pull techniques.

Level 1: 3 years +.  Not confident enough to put face in water
Level 2: 3 years +.  Confident but not yet swimming
Level 3: Can swim 5m - 10m on front and happy on back`
Level 4: Can swim 10m - 20m on front and back with recognised strokes
Level 5: Can swim 10m - 20m on front and back with recognised strokes
Level 6: Can swim 20m+, recognised stroke and has aqua skills
Level 7: Can swim 20m+, recognised stroke and has aqua skills
Level 8: Completed levels 1 - 7
Rookie Lifeguard (life saving skills and first aid)
Swimming Clubs: Armadale Barracudas Swim Club


Information about available facilities, such as swim timetables, can be collected from Reception, where bookings and XCITE membership subscriptions are also taken.  Refreshments can also be bought and consumed in that area.


Hair Drying Room

One of the 2 Baby-changing Cubicles

View from the Small Pool

In the refurbishment of facilities in early 2009, a row of changing room lockers was removed to improve changing facilities, thereby creating 6 larger changing cubicles for families and 2 baby-changing cubicles.

Left and above: views of the health and fitness equipment