Armadale Photos by Others

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Updated 6 December 2009

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Armadale Images


Photo by Joy Cassidy


South Armadale - Looking East

See also Woodend aerial photograph

East Armadale - Looking North

Armadale - Looking North West

Armadale - Looking North

Armadale - Looking South East

Images of Armadale by kind permission of John Campbell


Woodend United 1927/28

Submitted by Denis Slattery whose grandfather (John Traynor) is indicated on the back row.


Wembley 1946

Left:  Wee Fat Boabs's faither - Bobby Hume (Armadale / Blackridge)

Middle:  Tam (Tosh) French's faither - Tam French (Armadale / Blackridge)

Right:  Big Yo Ho's faither - Andrew Lamont (Westcraigs / Armadale), sadly Andrew is no longer with us


Taking the photograph was number 4 in the party, Jake Blair, info required



From Bobby Hume, Armadale Sons of Wallace



The above photos were taken below Armadale Parish Church in spring, autumn and winter by Ray Wilson.

Locations in Armadale  (Edinburgh Film Focus)

Armadale Academy (1)  


Armadale (2)

Central Scotland Forest (3)  Disused Railway Viaduct (4)  Coal Bing,

Woodend, Armadale (5)

Former Railway Station,

Bathville, Armadale (6)

Trig Point, Eastcraigs Hill near Blackridge (7) Bridgecastle Golf Club (8) Blackridge (9) Road to Nowhere, West Lothian  (10)