Armadale in Pictures

(2008 April - June)

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Armadale Children's Gala Day 2008

More photos from Armadale Children's Gala 2008 




Top: Eastertoun School photographed from above Mill Road, Armadale

Centre: New Armadale Academy currently under construction (left) and and present Armadale Academy (right)

Left: West Armadale looking north

(Photographed using KAP)


Top: South east Armadale (Larger image) looking towards Whitburn

Centre: Mallace Avenue, East Fells, Armadale

Left: Hardhill Road looking east towards Bathgate and Livingston


(Photographed using KAP)


Blackridge Community Museum (May 2008) Banners and Benefits, the colourful history of West Lothian friendly societies, based on the research of Elizabeth Henderson.  Visitors learn how early friendly societies, based on local trades, experienced difficulties when their membership grew older and made increasing demands on society funds.  From 1793, the self-help organisations grew and flourished, attaining their greatest popularity by the end of the 1800s. As a result of small weekly sums paid by members, the societies, which were also owned and run by members, paid sickness benefit to needy members and also pensions to widows.  In 1914, National Insurance changed to central administration and  society membership declined.  Realising

 that the NHS would be incapable of total provision, Sir William Beveridge, architect of the Welfare State, tried in vain to encourage members to stay with their societies, but, by the mid-1960s, West Lothian's local friendly societies had disappeared. Photo above: Armadale Thistle Lodge banner.  Photo below: Armadale banner discovered in 2001.


Mayfield Drive, Wotherspoon Crescent and (at top) Blackmoss and Mount Pleasant, Armadale
Calder Crescent and Mayfield Drive with Upper Bathville and Wood Park (at top), Armadale
Mayfield Estate and new housing south of which will be the new Armadale railway station (due 2010)


The Design for the Armadale Burgh Seal, currently on show in the Library. Click on image to enlarge.

On Monday 31 March 2008, Armadale Parish Church Friendship Group met for its regular fortnightly meeting and it was taken on a guided tour of the Armadale website.

However, Dougal, a well-known Armadale character and Hearing Dog, stole the show at the end!



Many thanks to Allan Mackenzie and Deirdre Mairs for their invaluable help during our research visit to The Local Studies Discovery Room at Airdrie Library in Wellwynd, AirdrieThe accessible, interesting reference and research facility provides a wide variety of resources for local and family historians. Apart from our viewing of photographs from the Kennedy albums and of maps from the Monklands Map Collection, we

 also dipped into Lanark: Registers of Sasines 1618-1720 and 1721-1780, and briefing packs about Airdrie's Weavers' Cottages Museum and about local Covenanters.

There were well-illustrated displays, such as the display case (shown left) of artefacts and information about archaeological investigations and finds in the Drumpark area.

The photograph on the right shows views of Coatbridge.

We also saw an ancient Covenanters' Banner (shown below), flown at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (1679), which saw the defeat of the Covenanters by the King's troops.  It is believed that the banner was carried by John Main, Laird of Ballochney, through whose family it passed until it was displayed on an Airdrie pub wall for over 100 years.

In 1920, it was handed over to Airdrie Library and, from 1999 to 2001, it was repaired by the Scottish Museums Council's Textile Conservation Officer, Tuula Pardoe.  In 2002, it was placed in a purpose-built environment-controlled display case so that it could return to public display at the Library in Wellwynd.

Below is the Covenanter's Stone,  dedicated to James Davie, who was shot by dragoons at Blackdub

(Netherhouses, Armadale) in 1673.  His tombstone lies about nine metres from the south church wall of Bathgate's former twelfth century Parish Church at Kirkton.

In the churchyard are many names familiar to the Armadale area.  Here are a few examples: John Gentleman of Craigmarie; John Jeffrey and his wife, Janet Rankine, of Armadale; John Wilson of Wheatockbrae and his wife, Mary Briggs Arthur; Alex Frew died 1820 Jamaica; Thomas Frew died 1820 South America; Sandilands of Couston; J Mitchell of Standhill; and the Barbaughlaw Burial Ground, property of Alexander Dennistoun Esq.



Hazel Forrester at an exhibition of her paintings in Armadale on Thursday 29 May.
The painting of Crail Harbour, which she is holding, won 'Best in Exhibition' at Livingstone Art Association in May 2008.


Torphichen  (using KAP)

Torphichen Preceptory and Kirk (Cairnpapple top left)


Bathgate and West Lothian Highland Games 2008

Armadale: Greig Crescent and Barbauchlaw Avenue with Watson Park in the background 



June 2008  (Full image HERE)


Kites over Howden

The successful event, which took place in Howden Park, Livingston, between 12.30pm and 3.00pm on Saturday 21 June 2008, was organised by West Lothian Council: NETS and Land Services, Arts Services and the Communities Team.  The occasion may not have had the hoped-for sunshine, but the free activities (kite-flying demonstrations, kite making, a kite competition, face painting and fantastic live music) ensured that everyone had fun.

Carolyn Jones (Arts Services), Sarah Stringer (kite competition judge), Lawrence Fitzpatrick (also a judge) and Becky Plunkett (Community Greenspace Officer)