Armadale in Pictures

(2007 April - June)

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Changes in East Armadale - by kind permission of John Campbell

(more aerial photos Here)

Kite aerial photograph of the southern entrance to Millennium Wood looking west.

 Brickworks chimney and B708 top left. Mallace Avenue, East Fells centre.


31st March 2007 was the closing day of Nan's shop at 31 West Main Street.

Christine Lees has run the shop for the last 9 years and her popularity is shown by the many cards, flowers and gifts (some shown right), which she has received from well-wishers.

Her friendly, helpful service will be missed by her former customers.  We wish her a long and happy retirement. 


A visit to the Bennie Museum, Bathgate

We'd like to thank Hugh McKean and William Millan for their interesting tour.

Outside the Bennie Museum

Hugh McKean, a custodian, and William I. Millan, the curator

Inside the Bennie Museum

Bathgate Public School Roll of Honour

Washday Delights!

The Bathgate Beast, Westlothiana

Kathleen Jenkins attending to the spring flowers that brighten our local garden centre (down Mill Road)

Fossil Room at the Bennie Museum

Information wanted!  Did you take part in Armadale Academy's archaeological dig at Woodend in the late 1960s? 

If so, Rosie would love to hear your memories of that event.



Moira McCabe proved to be a source of fascinating information when we visited Blackridge Library and Museum.


Jean Fairbairn and Wendy Small

preparing a display case for the Exhibition

The completed display case

In Spring 2007, Armadale Community Museum hosted the exhibition, “70 Years of West Lothian Federation” which described the formation of the Federation in 1936, their important work during World War II, and even organising public cookery classes.

An item from the display boards

Sarah Vince,

Museums Development Officer

of West Lothian Museums Service,

preparing display boards for the Exhibition


Members of the award-winning Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society conducting a survey at the  possible site of Ogilface Castle at Woodend, April 2007


Mr and Mrs Charles Colquhoun are pictured when they visited The History of Armadale Association display at the Inaugural West Lothian History Fair 2007 in Livingston. More photographs.

Charles's father, George Colquhoun, can be seen on his motorbike in the postcards of Armadale


April - May 2007

Putting West Lothian on the Map Exhibition at Armadale Library, as part of West Lothian's Local History Week


Paul McOscar, Daniel Prince and Ian Smith who were involved in the briefing about The Waste Wise Armadale Project at Armadale Community Centre on Tuesday, 5 June. 


A strong, caring community working together to change our behaviour towards waste.


Queen Megan McLeish (2006) crowns Armadale's new

Queen of Hearts, Megan Drummond

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