Armadale in Pictures

(2007 January - March)

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Armadale centre, looking north. January 2007


Joe McIndoe at the Mill Garden Centre

Chairman of Armadale Forum


North of Stonerigg Farm and Wood Park

Barbauchlaw Glen MAP

Woodend Farm and archaeological site

Curling Pond / South Pond (town reservoir c1863)


Meet Peter Cowan leading a group of walkers around Armadale. The weekly 'Put Your West Foot Forward in Armadale' short walks take place every Tuesday. No need to book - just turn up!  For the current programme of walks, see the calendar of events below. Need more information?  Contact Amanda McKay at amanda.mckaywestlothian.gov.uk or telephone 01506 775207


Recently, we met John Cook who was organist at Armadale Parish Church for 22 years.


John Boyle, BTCV Community Project Officer and his team

Cutting willow whips to make fedges (living hedges)

Path towards Armadale Academy

Curling Pond, originally South Pond (town reservoir c1863)


Mallace Avenue, Armadale, looking north. January 2007


Blackridge Model Flying Club

J.P.A. Stores

Buck's Head Tavern

Roll of Honour Click HERE for larger image


Station Road, Armadale, 1907: the front cover photograph

from Picturing the Past - Volume 4, A photographic look at old Armadale

1st Edition - November 2006

produced by The History of Armadale Association


An inhabitant of Five Sisters Zoo Park near Armadale. More Photos.



Our Armadale community 'lollypop' ladies and gentlemen, December 2006.