Armadale in Pictures

(2010 July- September)

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Left to right: "William Gentleman, farmer at Craigmarie, The Gaffer (John Graham Snr), John Graham and John Nicolson (shepherd) with our lunch basket in front of us. We were probably working with sheep that day." 

 The Early Years of John Graham  (Woodend Farm) New

     Cairnpapple Hill        

Pole aerial photo taken by Max (age 7) on 25th September 2010

Our local Forestry Commission Community Rangers, Jim Smalls, Emma Stewart and Jenny Crick. Also YAC leaders, together with Rosie and John, and Piers, Brian and Tertia from SRP / RCAHMS at Dalvorar.  See also the Roman site on Forestry land near West Calder.

Gala on YouTube  (and Hastie!)
A warm welcome awaits you at Armadale Community Centre and its Yellow Pepper caf and bistro, which is now open to welcome visitors. Top left: The Centre's foyer and caf entrance; top right: Armadale's new library accommodation, open Wednesday 1 September!
Current scenes from Armadale Community Education Centre: the inviting Children's Library; a wall hanging about health issues by local schoolchildren; exhibitions in the Museum area: A Call to Arms and The History of Armadale, with related memorabilia.

     Historic Scotland Free Entry Weekend to Cairnpapple Hill         25th- 26th September 9:30 - 5:30

Archaeological activities for children, ancient skills and replica artefacts, kite aerial photography flying demonstrations (10:00 - 4:00)