Armadale in Pictures

(2009 January - March)

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Maureen Wynne, Receptionist at Smiles Plus, Heather Shields' new dental surgery in South Street

Looking south over the top of Gormyre Hill with Cathlaw and Cairnpapple Hill in the background (KAP)

As above, but an inverted (negative) image for clarity (KAP)

The north-east corner of Gormyre Hill (KAP)


All change for Heather Shields and her team

Armadale Primary School Photos of 1951

Back row (top): William Graham; Andrew Mungle; ? Nimmo; Alex Pow; Jim McCreadie; ?; ?; James McAlpine.
2nd top row: ?; Bobby Alcorn; William Watson; Billy Walker; John Smith; ?; Jim Robinson; Wesley Ball.
3rd top row: ?; Jane Begbie; Jean Ferguson; Linda McConnachie; Ann McAlpine; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?.
4th top row: ?; ?; Gracie Brown; Ann Potter; ?; Christine McKenzie; ?; ? Brown; ?;?.
Front row (bottom): Jim Spiers ?; William Leech; Derek Hamlin; ?; Peter Fleming; George McClarin.

Can you name those not identified in Primary 5b Armadale Public School (?1951)? Please e-mail Rosie

Many thanks to Jim McCreadie for the photos and details. Want to contact him? email jim.mccreadiesympatico.ca

Update 20 February 2009: Since this photo was posted, more names have been suggested, and so I have added them to this archive posting.

Many thanks to 'Maxi' for the additional names and Anne Murray for the correction..

Boys' Brigade at the Gala Day Parade, photographed in Mayfield Drive/Calder Crescent, c1952? Jim McCreadie at centre with his head turned to the left.

1953: Armadale Public School Alice in Wonderland float in the Parade. Alice:
Jean Ferguson; Mad Hatter: Jim McCreadie; The Duchess: Christine McKenzie. The art teacher in the middle: Mr Currie.


The Wheels of Industry

The mill, Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Livingston

Caradale, Etna Brickworks, Armadale 2007


In mid 2008, the members of Hope Bridge Castle Masonic Lodge in Armadale decided to hold a Sportman's Dinner in order to raise money for some of the local children's groups in the town. Although a benevolent society, members felt they had been unable to give as much as they would have liked in charity, in recent times, because of the escalating costs of maintaining their premises. It was decided that, although there were many worthwhile causes in the town, on this occasion the Lodge would concentrate on the children's groups. Selling tickets for the event proved easy, particularly when it was explained where the money would be going. The Masonic Hall was filled with members of the Lodge, Masons from around the District, guests and friends. The grand sum of 1600 was raised and, on Friday 5th December, a cheque for 200 was presented to each of the following eight recipients: BBs, Anchor Boys, Scouts, Girls Brigade, Girl Guides, Brownies, Rainbows and Armadale Sports Club. Hopefully this small donation will help with the wonderful work they do and alleviate some of the financial constraints they faced. The Masons of Lodge Hope Bridge Castle would like to thank everyone who contributed in making the night a success and they wish all the organisations the best of luck in the future.

Christmas Eve was made extra special for 59 children in Armadale when Hope Bridge Castle Masonic Lodge organised a visit to their homes from Santa. The route took Santa on his carriage pulled by two beautiful grey horses around most of Armadale. Santa took great pleasure in delivering presents to a lot of excited children and enjoyed plenty of milk and biscuits on his route. There were many happy faces on the night as the children received their presents from Santa and his Elf and there was plenty of time for photographs to capture the moment. The night was a great success with both parents and children having a wonderful time. The event also managed to raise 115, which will be donated to the Charity DebRA. The Right Worshipful Master of Hope Bridge Castle would like to thank all the members of the Lodge for their assistance and generosity, which made the event possible. Particular thanks to Mr A McIndoe who provided the horses and carriage at very short notice after the children were let down by another supplier. Mr McIndoe and his wonderful horses really saved the day.


Armadale 2nd February 2009


Ponds south east of Sovereign Court Estate

Town path entrance at the back of Woodlands Grove

The view eastwards along the B708 near Gracie's Wynd


MANY THANKS to the organisers and members of the 50+ Club
who gave us such a warm welcome at Armadale Community Centre
on Thursday 5 February.  We hope they enjoyed wandering around
the Armadale website! Rosie and John

Jim Ferguson with the latest example of his fine craftmanship at Armadale Methodist Church


Above: Two members of the Sainsbury's team that were present at the public exhibition in Armadale Community Centre on Friday 6 March.  A further exhibition was held in the Centre on Saturday 7 March, from 10am - 4pm.  If you missed the Community Council's public meeting on Thursday 5 March, basic information can be found HERE.

Above: Dr Heather Shields nee Mallace after she unveiled the new Dux board, presented by The History of Armadale Association, at Armadale Primary School on Friday 6 March.  More photos from the event HERE

Above: A Dux with his treasured watch, inscribed "GOTHENBURG" AWARD TO DUNCAN SOMMERVILLE, DUX, ARMADALE P. SCHOOL, 1941 - 2


MANY THANKS to the organisers of last week's Craft Club trip to the SECC in Glasgow.  Even the weather couldn't keep keen craftspeople away!! 5 March 2009


Spring is here and there appear to be many bouncing new babies in the Armadale area. So we would like to say "Welcome to the world!" to them and "Congratulations!" to new parents and their families.
Activities for Parents, Babies and Toddlers in Armadale below this table

Above and right: George Sommerville with his medal  presented by Armadale Coronation Committee to commemorate his birth on Coronation Day 1937


Above: Dummy Amnesty Wall at Almond Valley Heritage Centre ; our archive photos

Below: Children's shoes found at Midhope Castle