Armadale in Pictures


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Armadale from the north-west


Above: West Main Street and The Goth Tower, dedicated to Malcolm Mallace, 'Auld Maikum', President of Armadale Public House Society Ltd, 1901 - 1922.  Under the provisions of the 1893 Industrial and Provident Societies Act, customers received good quality goods, members would play a role in management, and some of the profits made would be applied for the benefit of the community.

Right: Armadale Cross, on the corner of West Main Street and South Street, (looking across 'The Great Road' from Glasgow to Edinburgh, now the A89), towards the corner of North Street and East Main Street, the site of the Toll House (c1795) and the Toll Bar where travellers had to pay a toll to continue their journeys.  The memorial in the foreground was erected in honour of Mrs. Elizabeth Kerr who, in 1919, saved a child from a motor car's wheels, at the cost of her own life.


Below: Birthplace of Jessie Harvey of Barbauchlaw Mill. She inspired Armadale's first schoolmaster, William Cameron, to create a poem, later published as the popular broadside ballad Jessie o' the Dell.

Below:  Barbauchlaw Burn


Hardhill (Millennium) Wood, Armadale



Top Left: Armadale Cross  

Top Right: View of Armadale from the north-west

Bottom Left: The evening before Gala Day 2005  

Bottom Right: View down South Street  towards Armadale Cross   


Alex Forsyth's shop window, December 2006



Top Left: Scotmid                  

Top Right: Coppie's
Bottom Left: Rings and Things Bottom Right: Glendale Chemist


                Kaitlin's Shop

Armadale Mini Market               

    Armadale Thistle Football Team


Top Left:  The Wool and Card Shop

Top Right: Amore

Bottom Left: Viviani

Bottom Right: Elite


Top Left:  Speedway Event at Armadale Stadium

Top Right: Hugh Black and Sons, West Main Street, Armadale

Bottom Left:  India Cottage Restaurant, South Street, Armadale

Bottom Right: Armadale Swimming Pool, North Street