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Inverted Kite Aerial Photograph

(HQ FF2.0 kite and fuzzy tail with Pentax Optio W60 camera set to 'sports mode' and 10 second time interval)

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Sites in Gloucestershire

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Other Sites and Places

Arbor Low Henge and Stone Circle  composite image

Jim Knowles

Ardoch Roman Fort  composite image

Jim Knowles

Isle of Bute

Caerwent, Wales

Cowmyres, Yorkshire

Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Round Dykes Camp on Addingham Low Moor, Yorkshire

Part of a massive site.


Jim Knowles

Tom Pitlac

Jim Knowles

Nan Carraigean

Jim Knowles

Dail Langwell Broch

Jim Knowles

Rufford Abbey, Notts.

Jim Knowles

Queen's Sconce, Newark, Notts.

Jim Knowles

Oxton Hillfort, Notts.

Jim Knowles

Burghead Pictish Fort

Jim Knowles

Balnuaran of Clava

Jim Knowles

Beauvale Priory, Notts


Niddrie, Edinburgh

Jim Knowles

Torwood Castle and Brock, Falkirk


The Ord, Lairg, Highland

Jim Knowles

Roscommon Castle