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Gormyre Hill    KAP  

  Jim Knowles

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Torphichen to Tartraven aerial view
Knights of St John 


The Cuningar

'Hill' No6

Gormyre Hill

Hill No1

Hills numbered north to south. (EAFS & WLAG Geophysics)

Nether Gormyre Hill

Hill No2   

Jim Knowles

Castlethorn Prehistoric Hillfort

Hill No4

Jim Knowles

 Upper Castlethorn

Jim Knowles

Hill No3.

Lower Castlethorn

Jim Knowles

Hill No5.


Cathlaw Hill

Cairnpapple Hill

A classic photo by James showing how lighting is more important than the quality of the camera. (Pencam, 352x288 pixels)

James Gentles 2003

West of Cairnpapple



James Gentles 2004

The Knock

Jim Knowles

Raven Craig Hill

Jim Knowles

Galabraes Standing Stones

Jim Knowles

Hilderston Silvermine

Jim Knowles






Bowden - Cow Hill - Cockleroy - Kipps - Peace Knowe

aerial view

  Bowden Hillfort

  Jim Knowles

Bowden Hill Limeworks

Jim Knowles

Binny Church


Cow Hill

Jim Knowles

Cats Craig Hill

Jim Knowles

Haddie's Walls

Jim Knowles


Jim Knowles

  Cockleroy Hillfort

Jim Knowles


Stuart Vance

Beecraigs Prehistoric Site 

Cairn South of Broomy Knowes

Jim Knowles

Riccarton Hills - a very interesting area!

Peace Knowe Hillfort


Other Locations in West Lothian
Niddry Castle

Linlithgow Palace

Midhope Castle

Teepit Hill


Etna Brickworks

Manuel Nunnery

Site cut by county border

Abercorn Castle Alderstone House
Bathgate Castle

Battle of Linlithgow Bridge
Burgh Halls, Linlithgow pdf Bedlormie
Couston Castle Calder House
Cairns Castle Carribber Castle

Jim Knowles

  Castle Greg


Dechmont Law

Duntarvie Castle
Hopetoun House (2) (3) House of the Binns
Houstoun House  
Inveravon Castle  
Killandean Bridge Roman Fortlet

Housing estate built over it

Murieston Castle Mannerston
Mieston House  
Ochiltree Castle  
  Staneyhill Tower
West Port White Law




Rig, furrow (top) and rail (Armadale)