Ambitious Armadale

Updated 4 May 2011

Events for your diary

1. The Armadale environmental clean up is scheduled for 6th May 2011.

2. The  music festival is scheduled for 1st July 2011.

Armadale ‘Run for Fun’

Armadale saw its first ever 5k run on May 1st with 136 enthusiastic runners participating. The run was organised in response to the Ambitious Armadale campaign, ‘Big 5 Ideas’.

The event, sponsored by Scotmid, welcomed local people of all ages to have fun and get active and to recognise the related potential health and well-being benefits. Participants could walk, run or jog the 5 kilometre course with a 2k option for families and buggies.

The event was organised by a partnership group of professionals and local people who all work with and for the Armadale community. Partners included Do More Drink Less project, Together for Health Project, West Lothian Run, Active Schools, Lothian Borders Police (Armadale), The Dale Food Group, Jog Scotland.

West Lothian Leisure provided an energetic warm up session for the crowd before Miss West Lothian, Metja Bowes, an Armadale resident herself, welcomed all participants and started the race.

In celebration of the runner’s achievement they were given a medal and t-shirt, mementos of the day along with other small goodies and literature promoting healthy lifestyles and West Lothian as a place to visit. A market place in the Community Centre also offered participants a chance to see what else is going on and how they could get involved in the community.  

Full results can be viewed at www.westlothianrun.co.uk. In the 5k run, in 1st place was Brian Turner, 2nd place was Neil Adamson and in 3rd place Alex Hughes. In the 2k run, in 1st place was Erin Blair, 2nd place was Euan Hunter and in 3rd place Heather Richardson.

A big congratulations to all of the participants



Photos above and below from Ambitious Armadale 'Big Ideas' meeting at Armadale Community Centre on 5 October 2010

The Armadale ‘Do More Drink Less’ campaign held a public vote on 20 Big Ideas for an Amazing Armadale.  Below are details of the public vote and the top 5 ideas.


20 big ideas

To make Armadale Amazing

9 Armadale Music Festival 9.2% 1
14 Armadale 5km charity run 8.3% 2
1 More colour in the town centre 8.1% 3
17 Environmental clean ups – all ages 7.1% 4
4 Alcohol-free family Sundays and street market 7.0% 5
8 Armadale’s Got Talent Event 6.7% 6
12 More dance, dance and dance 6.7% 7
20 More sports competition between schools 5.8% 8
15 More sports and ‘try something new’ days 5.5% 9
13 Bring back street games 4.8% 10
2 Armadale Schools showcase their talents 4.5% 11
6 Wall of handprints (Hollywood Walk of Fame) 4.3% 12
7 More hanging baskets and planters 4.3% 13
11 Promote activities and events big style 3.5% 14
19 A community shoe-tree 3.5% 15
5 Armadale Young Achiever Awards 3.3% 16
18 Weekly jam sessions for musicians – new and old 2.8% 17
3 Celebrate positive actions of local people 2.7% 18
16 Help our young people make local films 2.1% 19
10 ‘Positive words only’ days 1.0% 20






20 Big Ideas to Make Armadale Amazing Campaign was launched on Thursday 24th June, 2010,                at 6.30pm in Armadale Community Education Centre.


All Armadale resident and local groups were invited to an open meeting to generate 20 Big Ideas to Make Armadale Amazing. Earlier meetings with school pupils, older people, community groups and local traders showed there was clearly a real pride in Armadale and optimism for the future based on developments such as the railway, new high school, improved community centre   and proposed new leisure and shopping facilities.
The campaign's intention is to build on this pride and promote positive alternatives to drinking, with the aim of reducing average alcohol consumption. Work in local schools highlights that younger children see alcohol misuse as frightening and scary, and a

threat to their own safety and the wellbeing of their family. Teenagers view it as a sign of low confidence. They believe that an Armadale which drinks less would be a happier, healthier and more vibrant town.
It was hoped that local people would be inspired by examples from elsewhere to develop ideas of how to make Armadale an even better place to live, work and visit. Stated aims were to: improve the reputation of the town;
bring people together; increase activities;

 encourage people to drink less; improve local pride.



Refresh the town centre with bright colours, make Sundays alcohol-free, family days with street markets, car boot sales and entertainments, encourage schools to perform their shows to a wider audience, organise a music festival and celebrate the town’s young achievers with annual awards – just some of the big ideas generated by townsfolk, aged from 3 years to 79 years, to make Armadale Amazing. This was the result of an event to launch the campaign to get people in Armadale to “Do More and Drink Less”.

Under the banner ‘Ambitious Armadale’ the campaign will gain momentum in the coming months with more events planned and

more people joining in the fun. Mike Stevenson of Thinktastic, who led the event, inspired participants with films of transforming

ideas from around the world – from steps in Sweden that double as piano keys to a litter bin in Germany that makes a whooping sound when litter is deposited – both show that fun is a great way to encourage people to do things differently.

Other local ideas raised at the event, held in Armadale Community Centre, included, a wall of hand-prints (Armadale’s own

Hollywood Walk of fame, positive words only days, a shoe tree, more sports events, street dance, weekly jam sessions for musicians, an Armadale’s Got Talent event, opportunities for young film makers, environmental clean ups, activity opportunities promoted around the streets, paving stones prepared for street games, pedestrian areas and more live music events.

The message from those who took part: “We can and will we make Armadale Amazing.” Young and older will work together to

make this happen - consigning the abuse of alcohol to history.

20 Big Ideas will be produced and widely publicised as part of a people’s action plan for Armadale, calling on people of ages with skills, talents, passions and ambitions to step up and put Armadale on the map as a leader of new ideas in Scotland.


20 Big Ideas are shown in the poster below.

More information: 01506 281084