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Elaine Cullen

Claire Kane

Scott Mackay

Carol McDonald

Andrew Smart




One of the first ACT Steering Group members was Joe Waddell

Joseph was born in Armadale and he trained as a joiner.  He worked as a train coach builder for SNT before returning to the joinery trade. 

He was an active participant in community affairs all his life and made significant contributions to the Airdrie-Bathgate rail link project. 

He died in September 2007 after a short illness, aged 61.


Steering Group Co-ordinator:  Scott Mackay

Contact e-mail address:  act.armadalegooglemail.com


Welcome to the ground floor!

Everything starts somewhere!

The technical bit

Armadale Community Trust is a new organisation that aims to improve the town and the life of the residents by operating on the Community Development Trust model.

The explanation of the technical bit

A charitable body that can raise or make money so that the money goes back into the community and improves life for people in Armadale.

The funny bit

We don’t want your money. Not a penny.

Explanation of the funny bit

What Armadale Community Trust needs right now is people. Local residents willing to commit a little time and effort; people who are willing to contribute any skills they have to help Armadale become a better place; people who have ideas about how the town can be improved. If you fall into any of these categories then ACT needs your help.

The last bit

Armadale is already changing. More and more houses are being built every day but the infrastructure is not ready for them, nor is it keeping pace with the level of development. ACT is just beginning but we hope to ensure that the future of Armadale is more than just that of a dormitory town. Join us

Send an email: act.armadalegooglemail.com


Welcome to the ground floor!


People will surprise you…


I was on the south coast of England for a wedding and, on my way home, I took a taxi from Southampton to the local airport at Eastleigh. It takes about twenty minutes and I can’t stand sitting in silence for twenty minutes so I struck up a conversation with the taxi driver. You can learn quite a lot in that short time if you want to listen. My driver’s name was Tariq; originally from Pakistan he had been in England for quite a while and he was very proud of his brother who was now a doctor. This last came about, literally, by accident since his brother broke his leg and decided to take an exam whilst he was laid up.

In return I told Tariq about my car accident, and then he asked me what I was doing now so I told him about Armadale Community Trust and our hopes of creating something in the town for the young people who have nothing to do during the evenings.

Well, twenty minutes is quite a bit, but we then arrived at the airport. I will never forget the amount on the meter as we got there.

It was £9.60.

I went fumbling into my pockets for the money, but Tariq just raised his hand.

“I tell you what,” he said, “take that money and put it into your trust.”

“Are you sure?” I asked because I certainly wasn’t expecting such a gesture.

“In fact, here’s another tenner. Maybe my kids can come to your town someday.”


They will certainly be welcome.

So, we have our first funds. I hope we can build on them.

Scott Mackay



Elaine in front of designs for the Armadale Community Trust logo and clouds of suggestions for youth facilities

at Armadale's Youth Issues Day at Armadale Community Centre on Saturday 19 May, 2007.



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