Armadale Academy Closure Event

13 September 2009

Three hundred visitors, principally ex-pupils and staff, attended the Closure Event, at Armadale Academy on Friday evening, to take one last look at the corridors they once trod before the school prepares for the move to its new accommodation this summer.  It proved to be a lively evening as school staff and pupils gave a warm welcome, and hospitality, to their visitors before they were invited to tour the school.  There were giggles and shrieks of laughter as ex-pupils remembered old times, especially when they saw the film in the hall, and the photos and other memorabilia on display elsewhere.

We would like to send greetings to everyone who posed for our cameras.  Thanks for your patience and cooperation!  John was surprised to meet Catriona MacDonald who used to teach at his old school, Foxwod in Leeds!

Also, we would like to congratulate the school on its successful event and we hope that its removal to its new site goes smoothly.

You may be interested in old photos of Academy pupils and staff as well as extracts from publications HERE