Sadly, the band is no longer together.


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Gary MacGilvery, Jordan Hamilton, Christopher Williamson, Scott Watterson


Addicted 2 The Rush, one of Armadale's rock bands, was one of the youngest rock bands to qualify for the Scottish Final of the world-wide Emergenza Battle of the Bands 2007 at Carling Academy, Glasgow, on Sunday 1 July 2007

Here are two of their tracks recorded recently - enjoy!


Track1 : Some Strange Reason

 Track2  : Two Sides of a Story

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Addicted 2 the Rush was formed in 2005 by Scott Watterson (Wattie) and Jordan Hamilton (Hammy), whilst they were all at Armadale Academy. After putting together a few songs such as “Breaking the circuit” and “Ignition”, they approached Christopher Williamson (Dubbs) and asked him to join as a rhythm guitarist. Finally, in 2006, the band was complete with the addition of drummer Gary MacGilvery.

Soon after they formed, they played their first gig in a local pub lounge Tap o’ The Brae. However, they had to produce an hour-and-a-half set, therefore performed a number of covers along with their own songs. These covers ranged from “Guns‘n’Roses”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Blink 182” and “RHCP”. This mixture of different styles is partly responsible for the originality of each of the songs they have since produced.

They have played venues such as the Dreadnought Rock in Bathgate, the Subway in Edinburgh, the Livery in Bathgate and, on many occasions, Glens in Bathgate, now known as Harveys.

They now have a good fan base, and are grateful for all their support. Their aspirations for the future are to perform to a massive audience.

Recently, they won a number of heats in the world-wide Emergenza contest and played in the UK North final, on the 1st July. The final took place from 4.15pm - 10.30pm and was split into three heats. A2TR was in the first heat.  The audience voted for a winner from each heat, and then the judges determined an overall winner from the three heat winners.

A2TR looked and sounded gr8

If you like Rock, you’ll love A2TR







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